Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank you for subscribing.

I am always thrilled and thankful to see new subscribers to my channel. I feel like I owe them at least the customary "Thanks for the sub" message on their channels. Then if I happen to browse their channel's content and like what I see, I will in return subscribe to their channels. That's makes sense right?

Lately, I've been getting a lot of sub4sub tools that are just subscribing in order to get you to return the favor. You'll know these guys when you visit their channels and they have 0 videos and 5000+ subscribers and belong to Youtube groups such as "sub4sub asstards" and "heylookatme.org". So I get it, that's certain peoples' game: create a Youtube account and see who can get the most subscriptions without hosting any actual content. I'm sure it's a proud thing to claim you have an audience of thousands of like-minded time wasters. Cool, good for you.

Now the part that really chaps my hide. When a sub4sub person subscribes to your channel, then you visit their channel to post the standard good faith "Thanks for the sub" comment, then they in turn post a comment on your channel saying something like "hey, sub me back or i'll unsub you."

um, F U and the H you R in on!

That is all...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Cthulkhelele

Not sure if it's his, but he posted this awesome monstrosity on Twitter this morning.
I sooo want it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Cry for Help?

Or just attention?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like the world needed another f-ing forum...

Chalk this up to "shameless self-promption"... appologies.

The Bring the Song CD is in production. The first compilation should be out by fall of this year (provided some of you stop reading and go make me MP3s damnit... ahem).

The Challenge was so unexpectadly popular that I've expanded on the idea.

The Bring the Song Project.

A community focused on helping one another write and publish songs. I'm setting up more challenges, more compilation CDs, and eventually annual song-writing grants to help musicians get projects off the ground.

One thing that's missing - you. Managing the playlists over at youtube became obcene. I've set up another f-ing forum so we can keep track of stuff and gibber about songwriting.

I need you lot to pop in, help post some songwriting resources, and of course, post your latest creations. It's no fun if I just post to myself. I've tried.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tune Yards

Just awesome....

Her name is Merill Garbus - but the act is "Tune Yards", (her and who ever she can grab at the time). Punk sentiment, performance art style, and a distorted baritone uke... what's not to like?

We need more rockin' out on ukes.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Not the Way I Want It, Not the Way I Need It (oooh)

So, my son is 12 now. Weird age. Half the time he acts like he's 17 & the other half he acts like he's 4. Part of being an almost teenager is driving your parents crazy, right? Well, he's certainly figured out the perfect method. He doesn't slam the door, or stand with fridge open, or anything that I can just "grrr" at then forget about in 5 minutes. Oh no. Not my boy. What he does... it haunts me all night, even after he's in bed. Every day he tortures me- at home, in the car- even in public. It's... it's just wrong. It's horrible. It's.... a Journey song.

"Dooooonnnn't stop beleeeeiiiving... hold on to that fee-ee-lin!"

Oh yeah. Every freaking day.

See, at the last school concert they sang that song. Afterward (after I ran out of the auditorium screaming & projectile vomiting, that is) I informed him that Journey is like my musical achilles heel- like a, like a super-sonic vacuum that sucks all the soul out of me & then I'm all crampy & I have to wash my hands & my ears & go to the bathroom &... well, you get the idea. Not a fan.

I also thought it was really funny that song was chosen. The kids were 11-13. Are they supposed to think Journey is cool? Is this the music teacher trying to "connect" with them? (Then someone told me they did that song on Glee recently.) (Then I asked them my same two questions again.)

Anywho... my son has a pocket full of Journey cryptonite, & he's not shy with it. Walks around the house maybe just humming it quietly, or full blown sings it all exaggerated like. He's clever with it, uses it to his advantage as he knows that I a.) usually forget whatever else we were talking about, & b.) don't mind him going away at that point. I'll suggest some quality family time & he starts singing Journey & all the sudden it's okay for him to go back up to his bedroom/teen-cave. He's smiling & now I have f*cking Journey stuck in my head.

I actually have it stuck in my head right now. Stupid blog entry...