Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UU Show at DaSilva's and Other Myths

Our own Boozelele wrote a recent post about how exceptional it is to be able to travel and play music with folks we met online. He sums it quite well, so I won't waste space reiterating how amazing it is - suffice it to say that it's been the highlight of my grumpy ass little world of late, and I consider myself one of the luckiest SOBs alive to be able to do what we do.

This past weekend, I flew back down to San Francisco to hang out with Russ, Trina, and Corser. Aaron, Aldrine, and Ryan from UU came in from Hawaii for a show at Mike DaSilva's workshop in Berkley, and Russ was one of the opening acts - I could't miss that.

We kicked off the visit by a trip to BevMo - if you are not from California, picture a K-mart that only sells liquor. See the post below for details on that, but just recall the following advice from Trina: "Next time, leave the novelty liquor on the damn shelf..." Wise woman that Trina.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of astonishing food, killer music, hilarious "your mom" jokes, and damn fine friends. The stand out moment of course was the show itself. Like last year, Aldrine invited a big line up of opening acts. This time there was Trina B and Addison, RussBuss (with special grumpy guest), and Monique and her sisters. Everyone killed. It was an intense show - and Ryan and Aldrine really outdid themselves as the main event. Not only did they mange to make two grown men cry (not kidding) but managed to charm the fire department into not shutting the place down from the crowd by just being that awesome. It was a damn fine night. Russ' brother showed up and we all went out and gorged ourselves on pizza until they threw us out of the joint.

A Saturday trip to a great breakfast joint (where Grumpy learns to order properly) followed by the obligatory tour of the Haight and it was time to pack it in and head home.

We spent a lot of time missing our UCB siblings, but managed to hold our own on liquor and insults in your honor. Honestly, I spent most of the time just astonished that I got to participate at all. It's a good life.

Special thanks to the UU heroes for letting me on stage, to Russ for drinking corn whiskey with me and inviting me to play, to Corser for allowing me to sleep on his bed again, and of course to Trina - for tolerance beyond explanation and general awesomeness (next time I get the hashbrowns).

More great pictures here...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Finish the job!

During the Ukulele Underground tour visit over the weekend, Coyote and I polished off a bottle of Hendrick's gin and about 90% of this corn whiskey. Somebody needs to come back and finish the job.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motel Buss

So tomorrow, we'll be hosting ukulele players again.  It's time to change the sheets, scrub the toilet, hide the guns, etc.  Including this upcoming weekend, we will have played host to more than 10 different ukulele players here in Casa de Corserdog this year alone.  This isn't a complaint post, I find it really neat that because of this whole ukulele community thing, we have the opportunity to get close and personal with ukulele players from all over the states (and the world).  As a host, I always wonder what kind of things I should do to prepare for our guests.  Are there special foods I need to stock up on?  Specific liquors?  *ahem* herbs?

So I was at the supermarket today wandering the aisles thinking about what I could stock up on.  I skip past the frozen pizzas because I figure we can just order a pizza for delivery if we get hungry.  I bypass the beer aisle because alcohol is the devil.  Big bag of chicken parts?  Nah, too much work to clean the grill.  Well all I ended up buying was a box of Cheez-Its.  Everybody loves Cheez-Its right?  I mean, it's un-American not to.  I figure that cheese snacks and tap water will make our house one step above a youth hostel, and that's all we ever need to aim for right?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Come On, Who Doesn't Like Boobs?

That's right, boobs. Naked boobs! Breasts, tits, hooters, jugs, cans, fun bags, dirty pillows. There I said it. It's right here in the body of this blog, hell it's there in the title..and you can be damn sure it will be in the tags. Why? because of the traffic it will generate of course!!!! We all know that sex sells (no one watched Bay Watch for the acting) and it is my contention that youtube videos with breasts, get more hits than those without breasts. Im not sure it is enough to just have it in the title or in the tags, I think the still-shot, the thumb-nail of the video needs to have them (I'm not talking bare breasts here, just a low cut top, or a little cleavage. You want them to watch the vid, not wank the one-eyed-wonder-weasel looking at the freeze frame) And imagine if the uke player also has breasts!!!! Youtube-partner-bucks here we come!!! I am certainly not implying that any of our female ukulele friends don't deserve every single hit/sub they get..but seriously if it meant 100k a year in free youtube money, I'd have them out there more than Pam Anderson, Drew Barrymore, and Anna Nichole-Smith combined!!! (are my references dated?) No matter, you get my point. ....now, If only man-boobs garnered the same response....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Love Fest is Over

I never claimed to be a smart man, so if I am wrong here, please someone correct me. It seems to me that a couple days ago this blog had 63 registered followers. We now have 62. That would imply that someone (and you know who you are) made the conscious decision to remove themselves from the list. Kind of like unsubscribing to a youtube channel. Or deleting a face-book friend. I totally understand not following the blog, or not viewing all of the videos that show up in your youtube subscriptions window...but to go in and unsubsribe? Or unfollow our blog? Was it something I said? Maybe it was because my last post was not offensive enough. Well, whoever you are...screw you!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Modern Days Kick Ass

Its tough returning to work after a vacation. Nine out of Ten times I return to work thinking to myself, "Man, I need a vacation". I think the whole idea of vacation is to return to work rested and rejuvenated. That just doesn't seem to happen. I always need time to recover from my vacation....
...but that's not what I wanted to write about. It dawned on me while flying home from Oakland last weekend that we live in one crazy-ass modern world. With the advent of the Internet, text messages, skype, mpeg's, jet airplanes, gmail-chat etc. the whole world has changed. Add to the techno stuff this little innocent musical instrument and the result is a whirl-wind of video collab's, traveling to meet new friends, making best friends, playing music with people from all over the world, and having more fun than anyone deserves. I have to admit that UCB is a special group. But we are not the only special group! There are a bunch of good people taking advantage of this crazy modern technology to do the same thing we do. You see the Chicago ukers get together and play and then meet-up with the Milwaukee peeps. Casetone plays with Ken and Krabbers. Rel Bar jams with Hoosier Hiver and Derik - DeG, Dirk, Sebi, Ralf, Theresa, people from all over the world, become friends. Aldrine visits So-Cal and as we speak is on his way to the bay area. Michelle plays with Bosko and Honey, and comes to America to meet us all. The list goes on. These uke meetups have become so common, either through the Internet or in person, that it is easy to take it for granted. But I think back just 20 years....I know to many of you that seems like a long time...to me, it's not. No cell phones, no computers (or at least no Internet). We could fly, but there was no way to really know the people at the other end of the flight. Video kinda sucked. 4 track recorders were pretty much the best you could get for your shitty garage band. Now look at us. Don't get me wrong, we are still a shitty garage band, but we practice through skype and gmail chat. We have friends that we would never have known, never could have known before. I'm supposed to be the a-hole in this group, But I gotta say, I love these UCB people. And I am humbled by the opportunity to meet all the other great people from all over the world who come together because of this kooky little instrument. Now...unfortunately I have to get back to work, and allow my body to heal.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Napa Wine Country Ukulele Fest Recap

I'm a little afraid to say this, because it might ruin my reputation as a complete train-wreck, but I actually remember the events of this past weekend, September 10-13.  It may have been that I consumed just the right amount of alcohol or enough water to counterbalance the effects of said alcohol, or maybe the whole adage of "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", has suddenly turned me into some kind of hot mess superhero.  Whatever it was, I'm happy to report to you what I recall from this weekend of ukulele mayhem.

On Friday, by some act of divinity, Boozelele, Little6ster and GrumpyCoyote (aka GrumpSauceNoPants) all arrived at the Oakland Int'l airport at the same time.  Not a few hours apart each, but exactly at the same moment.  This means I only needed to make one trip to the airport.  You can hear the oil wells all breathe out a big sigh of relief.  We then headed straight to Oakland Chinatown where I  introduce them (somewhat menacingly) to Vietnamese sandwiches. Turns out they liked the food very much, and they even had a "vegetarian" option for Grumpy. The rest of the day was drinking and jamming at the house.  6ster brought us all some wine from France for our drinking pleasure.  Did you know they made wine in France too? Wild!

On Saturday, we (for some reason) had a late start heading out to the Wine Festival in Napa.  The drive was beautiful, but extremely long.  We were all antsy to get to the event because we were running so late.  Boozelele was especially anxious to get there because he was forced to listen to country music on most of the ride.  The only times we weren't listening to country music, it was Marilyn Manson on the stereo.  Not a good day to be Boozelele.  We met Craig Brandau, Cali Rose, Ken Middleton, Don, Bruce and Bruce's son when we arrived at the festival.  Kind of farted around for a while and then played some songs with Ken on stage as well as off to the side on a dirt hill.  Picnicked with Don, Bruce and son, Dominator and his wife.  Browsed the ukulele marketplace section and met some more cool people, Lorenzo (all the way from Italy), Victoria Vox, Mandalyn May.  Strummed some ukes, nodded our heads like we understood the subtle differences between tonewoods and strings, then disappeared into the parking lot.  It was time to go home and do some serious drinking!!  We recorded some tunes that night and were joined by Mandalyn who is a totally cool chick.  In case you don't know, she's a roaming musician that just kind of floats around California (and the world) and plays music all over the place.  That's cool!  She also had a bag of guv'ment chips she got from the Strawberry Music Festival.  I just finished the last of it today!

Sunday was something else, the five of us went to eat brunch (or by the time we got out of the house, it was more like late lunch) at an outdoor restaurant on the waterfront of the bay.  We had bloody marys, omelettes, burgers and sunshine.  Beautiful day to be outside (and alive!).  We then ran into some hipsters that had been partying for 2 or 3 days straight and Mandalyn and 6ster took turns serenading a dude that was passed out on a bench.  His friends just stood there and laughed and laughed and laughed.  We have video of the happenings and it will likely be posted to Youtube soon so keep your eye out for some kind of jackass montage on one of our channels.  We then took some prom photos next to the waterfront and then headed home to meet up with Don and Bruce, who were waiting patiently for us while our tardy asses made our way home.  More drinking and jamming.  It's what we do.

Monday was for hangovers and saying goodbyes.  One of the many reasons I hate Mondays so much.  Another wonderful UCB gathering full of fun, music, adult beverages and laughs all around.  What more can a person ask for?  (other than winning the lottery and buying New Hampshire)

Good times....

Here are some songs we recorded this past weekend:

(More pictures to come)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Tuesday...

...and my liver still hurts.  I had way too much fun this weekend hanging out with Boozelele, Little6ster, Grumpy Coyote, Mandalyn May (musicmayi), Bruce (uke5417), Don (dearoldnutjob), Ken Middleton, Dominator and his wife Joanne.  And before you stop me to say that i'm a name-dropping douchebag, let me continue.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Lorenzo (krenfilm), Victoria Vox, Craig Brandau and Cali Rose.  Ukulele festivals aren't usually my thing but it can be a lot of fun if you have your friends there and a styrofoam cup full of wine that we snuck onto the property.

I'd write more but I have a lot of recovering to do.  Hopefully one of the others will fill you in with more details.  Meanwhile, take a look at this photo.  You can't look at it without smiling.  Go ahead, try!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't get it...

Why is a church in Florida burning Duran Duran recordings? Aren't they about 20 years too late with that?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UCB can haz acting chops

The Ukulele Underground guys asked for some acting help for their latest ukulele lesson and UCB was happy to deliver. If you must know, we are all classically trained foot actors. That's like a hand model, but with feet and curtain calls. Thanks to Aldrine, Ryan, and Aaron for providing the stage.

Check out Ukulele Underground's video lesson here: