Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Bowling with the UCB!

The latest collab featuring all 5 members of the UCB

Ukulele Babe Alert

Relax. She's 23.

Bonus for showing the legs.


I just wanted to point out that Mike has now listed mango ukes (including pineapples), baritones, and concert ukuleles with slotted headstocks on the inventory at Mainland Ukes!

Now the dilemma: I still have 1 free uke from Mainland coming - so, which one should it be? I'm torn between a mango pineapple, mango concert or that sweet, sweet honeybee acoustic/electric soprano.

Suggestions? Insults?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boozelele could/should be a DMV employee...

...because this collab took foreverrrrrrr to be completed!!!

this collab was started nearly a year ago in August 2008. we recorded the bulk of it last Fall, and then the project was put on hold due to laziness on both parts. (that and Boozelele was too busy twiddling his thumbs and scratching his butt)

It was picked up again a few months ago and we finally wrapped it up today. in the video you can see the dozens of ukes, outfits, locations used for the video as well as a few strategically placed guitars. stick around to the end if you can. it's somewhat worth it. thanks for watching!

seriously though, thanks for doing all the editing Booze(you slacker bastard)!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Damned Ukulele Playing Hippies

I was lying in bed last night thinking... (as I tend to do when I should be sleeping) and my mind wandered back to the Ukulele World Congress. I don't think anyone who attended could possibly have anything but great memories from that weekend. The location the atmosphere and the hosts were absolutely perfect. As I was laying there thinking about how great it was I couldn't help but begin to worry about how its awesomeness could eventually be its undoing.

I have heard many folks who were not at The Congress talking about attending next year. In fact it seems there are many more non-attendees getting excited about next year's event than there were people who actually attended. And in my opinion, popularity can be a double-edged sword.

In Oregon we have an annual event called The Oregon Country Fair. If you've never heard of it (I would be amazed if either of you have), it is essentially a Grateful Dead concert/weekend minus the Grateful Dead. If you wondered where the hippies went during the second weekend in July, they all went to the Oregon Country Fair. I wont go into details of the fair itself, you can read all about it here. And see pictures of it here and here... (and NO these pictures are NOT safe for work). But in the old days the Country Fair was self policing and the drugs and alcohol flowed freely and openly spawning a giant naked-body painted-drum circle of weirdness that always seemed to be teetering on the verge on anarchy. Then in 1997 after complaints from the neighbors around the fair grounds, the county threatened to close the fair down and seize the land if alcohol consumption and marijuana use were allowed to continue (apparently nakedness was never an issue). Fair organizers had no choice but to hire security folks to police the fair, confiscate all contraband, and eject those who violate the new "no fun allowed" policy. Now this is not to say that people don't still partake (naked drum circles abound) but as far as dope smoking and drinking are concerned the freaks are just much more discreet about where and when they do it (And just to be clear, I don't condone drug taking and deviant behavior... I'm only trying to make a point).

And finally, here IS that point. I have a feeling that by June of next year the legend of the Ukulele World Congress will rise to epic levels. There could easily be twice as many people as last year. And I worry that in five years (maybe sooner), it will grow to the point where "we" will wear out our welcome with the kind folks of Brown County and have to institute new "no fun allowed" rules. Can you imagine parking lot attendants, vendors, frat-boy security guards, and roped off beer gardens? I hope this never happens....but sometimes popular events take on a life of their own, and one thing is for sure, whether we want it to or not, this one is growing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UCB in the hizouse

Finally got the pics from my boyfriend Justins camera of the UWC.

Behold: Another shot of the complete UCB!!

Also... Deach fondles Alan

Alan then appears to get ready for round 2

Monday, July 20, 2009

What are pets really thinking?

an original uke tune written with the help of Alberta's own mctrmt.

and actually, since we have to pick up our pets' poop, who's the real boss here?

A New Abused Song?

"The Show" by Lenka. I never heard this song before today. Now I've seen about 18 ukulele covers on YouTube. I liked it the first 2 times, but now it's getting annoying. Here's a fine cover of the song by the Mothra Twins. When they're not riding on the head of the giant lepidopteran, they're singing ukulele songs.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miss Cleo ain't got nuttin on me.

much like Boozelele, i usually dream about sausage shaped things. last night i had a dream about a giant hot dog on wheels crashing into a barn. this morning, i find this article on the Yahoo homepage:

what does this have to do with ukuleles?

well in my dream, jake shimmy was driving the hotdog car and aldrine guerrero was riding shotgun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Tweet evar

A repost from

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I GOT A NEW UKE TODAY! -It's not a Flea, It's a FEA!

(This is a follow up to ATG's previous post about brick walls....)

Don't worry, The bitter cynical Boozelele is back, and filled with more hate than ever. OK, that's not true, I'm just a little pissy today and wanted to share my misery with both of you. I have noticed lately a series of posts on our favorite forum exclaiming that a new uke is on the way, or has just arrived. It was cute the first couple times. It was fun to hear about the excitement of a new player getting their first uke. But have we really run so far out of things to talk about that we have come to posting "tweets" as new threads on the U.U. forum? "I got a new Makala Soprano today!", "I learned out to play a F#m today!". "I knocked over my fluke in a drunken stupor today"... Now don't get me wrong, I get UAS too, and get just as excited when I get a new uke. In fact I have one on the way from the East Coast right now, and I check UPS tracking every 3 minutes or so (even though it is not scheduled to be here until next week). But I am starting to get concerned that we no longer have any original topics to cover and have started posting anything, just to start a thread. And if we set the precedent that every-time you get a new uke you start a new thread exclaiming "I got a new uke today"....before long that is all we will ever see. Rest assured however...that when mine arrives...I will post pics.

This Forum Needs a Brick Wall

"This might be a stupid question...."


Just stop right there.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

If you realize your question has the potential of being considered stupid... you're halfway to smartz. Why ya gotta go & ruin it by posting it anyway?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Latest UCB Collab Video

Adelle's windows are made out of quadruple-plane superglass that blocks out sound, UV rays, annoying collaborators trying to get in.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back 100% in a bit.

I hate YouTube. I want my money back!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Love of Language

I am trying my damnedest to not be so full of hate. So here is a question sans-hate. Why is it that some people from a certain island state (again, I'm not naming names here...suffice to say it is not Rhode Island) think it is necessary to type in pidgin English. If you have an accent in your voice or a slight "twang", I totally understand. We are all from different geographical areas. And accents can be cute, some would even say "sexy". But for the love of King Kanaloa, when you type, type in English. Here is a recent post from an Ukulele Underground thread referring to a Uke that was up for sale..."Oh yea, and if you no like da buggah, can always put 'em up ova hea. Shua somebody would buy 'um." ....seriously? I mean it's just like writing using text-message-acronyms, which also offends me. So I'm just tellin y'all, ya ain't gotta do it....I mean really...WTF?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Save your breath, I've got you covered.

TGIF everyone!

if you had the even the slightest bit of frustration in your day, you can probably identify with this.

video NSFW so put on your headphones. if you're at home and the kids aren't around, crank it up!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cute ukulele babe alert!!!!

GIGAPUS!!!!!! Girls In Glasses and Playing Ukulele Society!

Why we don't take children's opinions seriously

c'mon. srsly.

Abused songs

Following up on ATG's post, here's an ever- growing, incomplete list of songs I now hate because they've been covered so many times on the uke.

I'm Yours


Hey There Delilah

While my Guitar gently weeps

Drop Baby Drop


Anyone Else but you

Banana Pancakes


Waiting in Vain

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World

I am certain this list will be updated often.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuners, Cell Phones and D-Bags

I dont want to take the "Bitches" part of UCB too far, but there is something that has been bothering me for some time, and I need to get it off of my chest. It is the issue of leaving your tuner clamped onto the head of your uke while you are playing. I am all for keeping your uke in tune, and there are those who should tune more often than they do (Im not naming names here), but if your uke is tuned, and especially if you are going video tape your song for public showing, TAKE YOUR DAMNED TUNER OFF AND SET IT DOWN SOMEWHERE! (you can even leave it conspicuously in the shot if it means that much to you) But if you leave it on the uke it appears that you were in the middle of tuning your instrument and spontaneously broke into song. Oh, and look, the camera just happened to be recording to capture the whole thing! How convenient!

It reminds me of those D-bags who think they are so important that they have one of those little phones permanently attached to the side of their head. You know the ones. "Look at me, I get so many phone calls, the world would end if I couldn't be contacted immediately to save it".

I realize that the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other, they just both really bother me. Do me a favor, tune your uke and put the tuner away. And then take that little phone and shove it up your pretentious @$$. :)

I'm Yours, Buttercup

In the world of disturbing trends... it seems that the ukulele world has begun to see past I'm Yours, however not very far. Just when I finally got used to it, too! I've become so jaded to that tune. It follows me around. It was on at Subway the other day- came on just after I walked in the door. That's cause God hates me. I don't even cringe anymore. I just sigh in acceptance.

So what song is beginning to take it's place? What song could possibly be as annoying?


Why dooooo yoooooou..... build me up?- Buttercup! Baby just to let me doooown...

Ugh. I'm sorry, that wasn't very nice. You can all call me at 3am when you can't sleep for humming the tune.

I was surfing uke vids on the Youtuberwebz yesterday & it seemed there was a different version of it in the related vids box every time. It all goes back to jaaaaa, whom I shall refrain from stating my opinion on (I'd hate for her to read it & spit twinkie all over her computer & ruin the keyboard). I did a search for it this morning & turned up a startling 225 results with the words "buttercup uke", and 120 with "buttercup ukulele". I'm sure there's some overlap but I'm guessing it's still over 300 covers... and I didn't try any other keywords. I was too scared at that point.

Buttercup- the new I'm Yours?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(Very) Cute Ukulele Babe Alert

Not to judge the degrees of cuteness of our lovely cute ukulele babes, but today's featured ukette is a few clicks up the scale from yesterday's. Although I'm not so sure about her hat....! Behold m0nterey6!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cute Ukulele Babe Alert

Not that we're sexist or anything, but UCB likes to give a shout-out whenever a cute girl posts a ukulele video (Adelle, it's up to you to provide the cute ukulele guy vids - although I've never seen a cute ukulele player who's male! (NH)). So give it up for mandychanster on Youtube!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

UAS, Thou Art a Vicious Mistress

I spent the week in New Jersey with my extended family. Being that I'm anti-fun, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the trip... not really a boardwalk kinda girl. However I forgot one thing that you can find a-plenty there (and no I'm not talking about man-speedos)... I speak of... SKI BALL!!! I freaking love ski ball. Who doesn't?

We played a couple games our first stroll on the boardwalk, won some tickets, and went up to the prize counter... then what to my wondering eyes should appear? "Small Guitar 5,000 points" You can't fool me, arcade prize labeler guy, I know what that is. Ukuleles, in 4 different colors. I believe I actually squealed when I saw them there.

Only one thing to do in a situation like that. Slip a fiver into the ski ball slot.

Myself, my other half, and both of my parents proceeded to have a ski ball marathon. We played & played- turning in our tickets at 3 different points- "How many do we have now?!" until we became the proud owners of
::dun dun duuuuun::

It came complete with metal strings & loose tuning pegs! It probably cost us 3x what it's actually worth!

Darn you, UAS!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ohai Pono Review

O hai oh.......Well I'm fairly certain that the verdict is in on the brand spanking new Ohai line of Ukuleles from Ko'olau and Pono. I have seen several posts on other ukulele forums praising this uke for its beauty, price, et. al. But as someone who tries not to follow the lemmings as they plunge blindly over the cliff and into the crashing surf below, it is up to me to suggest that there may be another opinion out there. Russbuss in his infinite wisdom suggested that a complete unbiased formal review may be in order. And because I have a slightly lustful yet clean and wholesome man-crush on the boy-wonder from the city-by-teh-bay, I will not taint any official UCB position on this new uke by pooping in the collective cheerios. However...once the Deachman has sufficient time to pick, strum, and stroke his new Ohai uke, rest assured the UCB will combine all of it's collective wisdom, experience, and talent....along with it's brutally honest opinion to present to our readers (yes, both of you), a comprehensive review.

Today's Video of the Weak

in case you missed it:

Today's Video of the Week

If you've never heard The Owl, you don't know what you're missing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Video of the Week

Stormtrooper Plays with Himself

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Video of the Week

Don't go, Jason Waterfalls!!"

I think she's trying to become a member of GIGAPUS. But those are fake glasses!! Don't let her join, GIGAPUS!!!