Thursday, December 10, 2009

look out Britney, Erika's got your number!

okay, so this is usually Alan's thing, but i just had to post this brilliant youtube video. it doesn't contain ukulele but it does have Erika from Helvetica Uke Explosion awesoming up a storm. i will never understand the popularity of Britney Spears but if she made videos like this, i would watch the shit day and night. but i'd turn the volume down and play a Kelly Clarkson CD instead.


Grumpy Coyote said...

Wow... she cracks me the hell up. This on and that Lady GaGa parody had me in tears.

Buckets of nerdy awesome.

PS: I'm fairly certain Brit CSI indeed.


awesome editing on this one. I must be clueless though, cause I didn't get the joke. Of course, I'm completely unaware of current pop culture and stoopid with the math.

Chuck said...

I think RUSSBUSS has finally flipped his wig!

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