Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Yamaha, why?

So here I sit still coveting a guitelele... Specifically the Yamaha GL-1.

It seems to me that I should be able to go to any mall music store and grab one for about $150... And that would be true, if I didn't live in the US.

For some unknown reason Yamaha only sells these things in the EU - and in limited supply in Canukistan (Canada Alan, Canada).

I've tried twice to get one via phone to no avail. It's like they are a prohibited substance.

Meanwhile you can go play all the crappy Yamaha nylon student guitars you want... everything in the line - except the GL-1.


Anyway - here is a lovely girl from the UK (I think) who absolutely shows us all what a GL-1 can do.

She's pretty damn good - and nice too. Give her a sub and tell her to play more uke.


DeG said...

I want a guitarlele too,(KoAloha D-VI) but if I bought that, I would also have to find and new place to live. So, I'm looking for cheaper alternatives.
Right now, I'm on the prowl for a youth size guitar with a wide neck that I can convert. If that plan falls through, maybe we can convince some Flannelander to bring some of these down to UWC for us.(Zoe and/or Mary Ann, I'm talking to you) :-)

HumbleUker said...

I like to check out Jake Wildwood's parlour guitars from 1885 or newer. He shows them on his Antebellum Instruments Blog. This Yamaha does sound fantastic, $150 you say?

Grumpy Coyote said...

Picked one up on E-bay from Germany for $128US shipped. Fourteentwelve gave me the tip - Thanks M! Should come in next week sometime.

I hate ebay, but this is exatly what it's good for.

DeG said...

Sweet! Let me know what you think, I may try going that route as well. I also found these that could prove to nice alternative:


Check out Guitar uke under "Latin American"(?) instruments.

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