Thursday, June 10, 2010

UWC Jam You Long Time

So the Ukulele World Congress had its second year of awesome good times and we managed to all make it out alive again (but just barely).  There were good people, good booze, and a whole lot of jammin' going on at the field.  This year, we decided to step it up a notch and get some actual arrangements prepared ahead of time.  Rhythm parts, lead parts, boy parts, girl parts, harmonies,  and a shitload of solos.  We managed to beat our own record (8m54s) of the last time we recorded this Neil Young tune with the addition of the awesome Little6ster and smokin' solos from the Baron, and stretched it out to just shy of 12 minutes of jamtastic noise.  UCB could not be prouder to play with our new international friends.  Video below:

And once again, it was really nice to get the whole UCB gang together, Alan, Adelle, Booze, Deach, Grumpy and myself to laugh and have a good time.  I only wish we had an opportunity to take a new group photo.  Perhaps next year.

Thanks to Mainland Ukulele (Mike and Tookta) for a great party.  There should be more (better) recaps coming up from the rest of UCB.


John Irving said...

Pretty sure The Baron's real name is Jesus. Great job all. Awesome performance.

Baron said...

That was a magic gig - at least for those of us that was up on the stage. I can't think about anything but the uwc and I miss you all so much. If my liver wasn't so damaged I would gladly trade it for a chance to relive that weekend.

@ Johnny-Cakes - I missed seeing you there! Next year, alright?

deach said...

I enjoyed the girl partz the most.


Just finished watching. Too awesome for words.

Derrick said...

Pretty damn cool, seeing you all up there together. But next time, put somebody else in charge of Russ' wardrobe.

haileisela said...

I remember that I was sitting with Wade while you played this. and I didn't really notice that it was just one song, until Wade said something like, wow, they're still playin!

I somehow managed to get my clock stuck in a time zone where it was always 4:20... I don't exactly know where that happened on the trip. but maybe in a place called "needmore" (I think that's another translation of "UAS")

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