Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just about a year ago, I was the "F'n New Guy" here at UCB. In a secret ceremony involving three live chickens, 13 black candles, 7 pounds of salt, and a dwarf named "Chico", the UCB gang made me one of their own.

After a year of kicking me around, it's well past time to open the books yet again and indoctrinate two new contributors to our dysfunctional and deliriously happy crew here at UCB.

You may know him as Robin, Baron, BaronK69, the Swedish Chef, or my Scandinavian Candy Bear, but his rockin' style, unstoppable facial hair, and ripping solos make him a great addition to the crew...

And fighting it out with Adelle for our token estrogen provider (even though we all know that title belongs to Russ) the astonishing Little6ster brings the blues, a wicked slide uke, and buckets of French wine.

So please join us in welcoming these two newest members as UCB breaks borders and goes international. Look for collabs, kooky blog posts, and more shenanigans all the way around the globe.

At least I'm not the FNG any more...


RussBuss said...

BK and 6ster, welcome to the machine!

and Grump, congrats on finally losing that FNG smell.

Boozelele said...

Welcome aboard Euro-Bitches. Now if DeG could just stop being so nice all the god damned time!!!

Anonymous said...

It's about time!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a UCB, even at the FNG level, but I think a collab between me and you Grumpy would be a great idea. whaddya think?

And more on topic... can't think of any better additions to the stable than the Baron and 6ster. I get the feeling they're going to up the UCBs game quite a bit.

Buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride. :-)

Baron said...

Weeehuuu I'm a bitch! (I haven't said that with the same enthusiasm since puberty...)

Honestly I'm pretty fucking honored to be chosen into this motley crew and I swear I will do my worst to maintain the UCB's reputation through out the ukulele community and beyond.

I do not take this lightly.

Feverish kisses on your pink parts.

Baron Kuk

Little 6ster said...

What? I'm a bitch? well... a fault confessed is half redressed!
And I'm so proud of it!!!
My Fav Clown describes this feeling so well!
I do acquiesce in and I swear hand on the Uke Bible... I'll do my worst too!

Big Bisous wherever...... I like!

Sven Nyström said...

Oh well, there goes the neighborhood... At least I can coerce BK to give my ukes some rave reviews. Otherwise; no beer. And no porrters.

Sven, Argapa Ukuleles

DeG said...

FU, Booze.

(Is that better?) :-)

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