Friday, March 19, 2010


I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary playing the tiny guitar and frankly, I no longer have any interest in it. Even after a triumphant opening set for a national touring band, a February/March songasm and a custom uke ready to be delivered, I am really bored with it. The forum I frequent is full of the same stupid crap. I used to be able to read every post but now, just reading the titles makes me want smack someone's mother for not swallowing. Receiving my UU Undiez award in the mail yesterday reminded me of how fun it used to be creating videos and collabz, yet I really don't care about YT anymore.

Has this happened to you? How do you get out of it? Do I really want to get out of it? I know...I should start a thread on the forumz.


RussBuss said...

to get out of your funk, i suggest you start a thread asking for the general public to pick your next sandwich. then whine about waiting for the sandwich to arrive. when the sandwich gets to you, make sure you take photos of it, because as we all know, your sandwich didn't exist unless it was captured on film.

also, don't eat your sandwich. wouldn't want to dent your bread or anything. put it in a display case and monitor the humidity with every waking moment of your life.

my arsenal:
Ham on Wheat "Miss Piggy"
Pastrami on Rye "Goldstein"
Meatball Sub "Legend"

wish list:
Philly Cheesesteak
Veggie Wrap

Will Deuel said...

1. The sandwich unwrapping should be in the form of a stop-motion vid.

2. You then must start a series of threads on what brands of mustard, mayonnaise, pickles work best on that particular sandwich.

3. Offer the sandwich up for trade because you heard that whole grain bread has a more satisfying bark or punch than white.

Seriously, I go through funks like that too. Just give it time.

Mugambismonkey said...

Sounds to me like the symptoms of a depression, Deach. I guess all creative people are going through this every now and then. If you have a good shrink, go and see him! When I don't wanna touch my ukeses anymore, there's something seriously wrong with me.

Boozelele said...

This is the same thing thats happened to me. The strange thing is it happened last winter at the same time. Then I went to UWC and revived my passion. I think its just a slump. I just go through fazes. Like that time in college when I was experimenting with...well, nevermind.

UCB jams always make me feel better though.

Dave said...

This is when someone needs to walk right up to you and look you right into the eyes, smack you right on the forehead and say: Snap out of it, Dude! What the hell are you thinking?

Anonymous said...

I like your honesty, Deach, but I don't really see the problem. Just do the next thing you want to do. Maybe it will lead you away from all this and maybe it won't. What's bad about that?

deach said...

Russ - Your lack of bacon on any of those sammiches saddendz me.

Rev - You forgot "Which color napkin should I use".

Dr. Dirk - Far from depressed. I've actually picked up a couple hobbies.

Boozelle - Yes, a UCB hatefest would be excellent! I think I'm the opposite of you though. I think my faze was a uke-faze and now I'm coming out of it.

Dave - Someone did that to me once. ONCE.

Don - No problem really. Just blogging. And you are 100% correct.

Grumpy Coyote said...

I'm with Booze. A UCB get together. It cures many things. Before UWC.

As for the rest - I go through it too. I just picked up other instruments and try to ignore the fact that the uke seems to be the new favorite toy of a large number of people I want nothing to do with - least of all be associated with.

I focused on the music I like rather than identifying with the doodad I make it with. It helps.


With me, it's always been about the music. I tried guitar and it didn't speak to me. I sang for about 20 years in front of people every Sunday and then I got married and changed churches. The uke now provides me my best outlet to express my love for music. I could give up my ukes if I found a better way to express myself musically. Stop laughing. I could!

And a UCB get-together doesn't hurt (I hear).

Sven Nyström said...

Deach - I can't really write something like "hope you get out of it and back to the uke" because that's not important. More important is that you're happy and content, with or without a uke in your hands.

The sandwich analogies were spot on. Sadly.

Of course, buying new stuff can help in a lot of cases...

/ Sven, Argapa Ukuleles

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

Baron said...

Well, I have my ups and downs too - the Warner-nazi-thang has been a downer for me cause I feel I can't play whatever I want anymore.

On the other hand I have had some gigs with heavy lately and those - including the rehearsals for em - have been real uppers!

But maybe the uke is a phase for me too. I played the guitar for 25 years, but have hardly touched any of my fine guitars since I picked up the uke...

Sometimes when I loose inspiration, I have to find it somewhere else. Like forcing my self to learn songs that are totally new for me. Or focus on singing something hard or unusual for me (like singing in french).

I hope I won't fall out of love with the uke (I'm getting a uke tat pretty soon), and I would hate it if you fell out of this scen - you're one of those resposible for me being here!

My suggestion for you is to take up choir singing or go to a private singing coach - it's great fun and really forces you to work hard. It's great fun too.

But don't sell all your ukes just yet... (and do come to Indiana!)

Adelle the Great said...

Ukes or no ukes, you're stuck with us for friendz either way ;p

cheerios said...

Maybe there's a natural sort of two-year
itch, a crisis of conscience with the ukulele.
After all (heresy, I know) it is just a ukulele.
It's hardly surprising that interest in a little four-string
instrument might start to pall a bit. We make
far too much of the instrument sometimes, telling
ourselves in our superior way that ours is the
world's best instrument, and, of course, it's not. Even the fivest of 55555KKKKKs is still just
a silly little instrument. Sillier, in fact,
because people will pay fortunes for one. -PotofBasil

DeG said...

Oh shit, Deach's period is in sync with mine.

TrinaD said...

DeG wins this one.

deach said...

DeG - My cycle lasts 368 days a year.

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