Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gear Review - Soprano Gig Bag from Mainland Ukes

I've never done a ukulele review before because I never felt confident that I could accurately explain how any particular uke sounds or feels.  The best I could probably do for a uke review would be to say "It's great!"  or maybe "Not shitty. I recommend this thing." A review that's not exactly helpful for anyone.  I'll leave ukulele reviews to pros like Ken Middleton and Deach.

Soooo, I thought I'd try to give a review of this ukulele gig bag (aka soft case, aka uke satchel) that I bought from Mainland Ukes a few weeks back.  I've had a chance to use it on several occasions where I had to take my ukulele on the go.  So far, I love it!  It's way lighter than my previous hard shell case and I like the ability to sling it over my shoulder and be discreet on public transit without having to constantly field questions about the contents of my uke case.  I mean, it looks like a old timey frontier canteen or maybe a designer colostomy bag so nobody will ever ask what's in it.  They wouldn't dare to!

"You can put your uke in there"
(click photo for larger image)
The gig bag has somewhere between a quarter and half inch of dense padding which makes the uke feel very secure when the bag is zipped up.  There is a block of foam inside that is designed to support the neck although i'm never sure those things are necessary.  If you sit on this case, there's no saving that neck!  The rubberized plastic handle of the gig bag is comfortable to grip and feels balanced when you hold it as you parade up and down the sidewalk.  The front pouch is spacious enough for storing your Flip camera, mini tripod, tuner, and 8.5x11" music sheets if you fold them in half.  Might be good for a hip flask and a few packs of cigarettes if you roll like that.  The single padded shoulder strap can be concealed by a zippered flap as seen in the photos below.  The gig bag is available in this teal color as well as black.  Mike from Mainland says it sells for the special homeboy discount price (for UU and UCB) of $17.95.  Note that this isn't the same gig bag that is currently available on the Mainland website.  I believe this one is better because of sturdier padding and the addition of a shoulder strap (oh and the color. teal is always better).  Please contact him at if you are interested in purchasing one.

"Like a transformer but way less violent."
(click photo for larger image)

Also, these gig bags are surprisingly versatile.  In a pinch, it can be used as a lunch bag, diaper bag, sassy purse for that blind date, knitting needle storage, grocery bag for salami shopping, etc.

"so many uses!"


Anonymous said...

the outside pocket on the one I got with my soprano with a pickup holds a 15 foot cable, the charger for the pickup, and a tuner.

both it and the ukulele rock!

RussBuss said...

@howlinhobbit: that pocket is also very sandwich shaped and thus perfect for schlepping along that midday snack. not good for sub or hoagie style sandwiches, but great for good ol' PB&J on Wonderbread. i should add your uke reviews are great too.


Wild Turkey. nice.

Baron said...

Thats a great korv bag! It would accomodate at least a 2-day supply of finest fläskkorv, I would say.

DeG said...

How many frogs will the bag hold? That's important to know if you're going to take it gigging...

RussBuss said...

@UKISOCIETY: i wouldn't have turkey any other way.

@Baron: sausage shopping has never been easier.

@DeG: haha, frog gigging, i had to look that up! we miss out on so much here in the west coast.

Adelle the Great said...

I have the same bag in concert size (same color even!) & I agree it's quiet awesome. Mine being a bit bigger, I can fit all the afore mentioned things in it (frog included) *plus my beret & cigarette holder- which Russ knows why I always carry.

(sorry to the rest of you- that comment was just for Russ)

RussBuss said...

@Adelle: we have matching satchels, high five!

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