Saturday, October 9, 2010

Game On

In 5 short weeks, it'll be time again for The Liver Olympics. I know everyone's been training hard & will come with their game faces on.

I refer, of course, to Adellapalooza 2.0.

It's been 3 years since the first installment- the fist time that any of the UCBers met live & in person. I will never forget that first day (though most of the first night is a blur. The last thing I remember is Russ saying
"This Alize is too sweet. Let's dilute it with vodka!" ). At that time, the ukulele community was considerably smaller- UU was in its infancy- collabs were still a new, novel thing. It seemed crazy to be getting together- completely unreal.

I was looking at some of the pictures this morning & I think what struck me most was "Shit. My house has not changed in 3 years. My crap is all still in the same places."

Nothing could compare to that first visit, but I know this one is going to be equally awesome. I finally get to see Klevin & Grumpy in my native environment, and take them on the 30 second tour of my hometown. Some overdue collabs will be recorded, the 2 other Asian people that live in this county will no longer feel alone, and I get to spend time with the best freaking assholes in the world.

3 years almost to the day. I cant remember the exact date of the first event, but I know it was mid November. It feels like much longer. The craziness that has ensued since then...

I have been consumed by jealousy over the last two get togethers that I wasn't able to attend, and I can't explain how much I'm looking forward to this. I've become quite the Suzie Q Homemaker lately- I have a garden, and I'm doing cross stitching... it's sort of bizarre. I enjoy it, I'm happy... but it's time for a good ole fashioned throw down. Time for the word "balls" to be heard in 20 second intervals, time for impromptu songs & nicknames. It's time for "Seriously, Russ & Booze? Another Neil Young song?", it's time for "Just drink it, you pansy". It's time for inappropriate behavior in public, and gay overtones. It's time.


Boozelele said...

Yes, I have been training for this event for years. I'll be ready. Who will dare attempt to keep up with me? Grumpycoyotetunes? Hah, I think not. Russelle? Oh, he will try, but I've picked him up off the floor on more than one occasion. Adelle the "so-called" Great? Hmmmm...can she possibly hang with the big boys? I know she thinks she can...and she'll spout some bullshit about being the last one standing one night at UWC...though Ive yet to find anyone who witnessed such an improbable shall see my friends....we shall see.

Baron said...

I would so love to be there - if only to drink Booze under the table as usual... But since it coincides with Svantes 2nd birthday (are you sure it wasn't 2 years since the the first one - you made that vid for him?).

It would be awesome to join you all for some serious liver damage, but I guess I have to wait until UWC 2011...

RussBuss said...

i'm so excited for this, i could pee! and i guess i just did. adelle, get ready for a massive bear hug and massive inappropriate bear hugs for the rest of yous.

klevin is so proud of his drinking prowess. let's battle smack. see who is alive at the end of the night. can i get a holler!?!

Boozelele said...

I only talked shit about drinking cause Adelle brought it up. And anyway, I have to brag, drinking is the only real skill I have. Not all of us can be all musical, and talanted, snd stuff.

Anonymous said...


(hang on... can I say fuck here?)

I so wish I could be there. maybe the ukulele fairies will drop some good news on my head. but I doubt it.

fuckin' ukulele fairies.

(hang on... can I say fuckin' here?)

oh well.


Bummed I can't be there. And yes, please refrain from NY covers.

There better be some great video of this for us to view!

DeG said...

I just know that when you guys are together IRL, the video magic happens. I can't wait.

Adelle the Great said...

@Baron That was super nice of you to have a kid in honor of the first Adellapalooza- and I suppose I can't argue with you about his age.

Now I'm gonna whine & self promote... Did no one click my little link to the "I'm Dying of Alize" slide show? Fuck you guys.

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