Monday, June 29, 2009

How many ukuleles should you own?

Booze questioned the number of ukes he should own in an earlier post. Here's my answer:

1) Car Uke - You gotta have one in your car at all times in case you're caught in traffic (or on a long stretch of straightaway). It's gotta be tough so it doesn't split or bend from the heat and cold. It's gotta be small so you can put it in your purse or man-bag and not look too odd. My recommendation: an Ohana sopranino or an old Fin-Der plastic ukulele.

2 - 5) One of each size (soprano, concert, tenor and baritone) in reentrant tuning.

6-9) One of each size with low g or (as in the bari) low d strings. Some people don't like sopranos or concerts strung with low g, but I've got two strung that way and they sound great. For the times you want to play Mississippi John Hurt in tight spaces.

10) Decoy uke: This is the uke that you don't care what happens to it. But you act like it's your favorite because you know there will come the day when your spouse is completely fed-up with your uke obsession and decide to destroy what you hold dear the most. You have to be vigilant about this though. Every now and then you'll have to get the uke out, polish it, coo to it, tell it how much you love it so (when your spouse is within earshot).

11) Decoy uke #2: for your child, who wants to touch (destroy) everything Papa and Mama touches. Again, you have to act like it's a prized possession, otherwise the kid won't think it's anything special.

12) Banjo ukulele: To play when your house-guests have worn out their welcome and you desire to get rid of them quickly.

So there, Booze. Answer is 12 ukuleles. Anything beyond that is too much.


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