Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning Gripe

I was awoken way too early this morning so I'm in a lousy mood. So in that spirit, allow me to rant. Dent May must have a great publicist. I get daily Google reports on the word "ukulele" and Dent's name is on every report. And I don't care for his music. So somebody else does. Or he's got great publicity skills.

Ukulele Ray kind of frightens me. He sounds like a fine musician, and I've emailed with him and he seems like a pleasant fellow. But his videos are always the same - clip-art montages - and his arrangements are a bit over-produced. I guess it's his hair and beard. EDIT: Also, Ray is sponsored by Fender and plays a Fender uke. Why can't I get a Fender uke?!! Why can't I be sponsored!!?? Envy!!

The Ukulele Lady is just bad. Bad bad bad. Horrible videos, crappy songs, lousy sense of humor. And she's a partner on Youtube. Why? Yech!

Okay. Rant over. Sorry to the above-mentioned people. Honestly, I'm sure that they're all very nice and excellent people. They just don't appeal to me in their publicly-created personas.


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