Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Son of Guitarra

Judging by the age of my Youtube channel, I've been fussing around with the ukulele for a little over two years now. Not really fussing though, but it's been my primary means of making noise for that period of time.  I would pick up my guitar now and then but soon be right back to the four stringed bugger that is the uke.

Over the weekend, I decided to sit down and play as many songs as I could on my dreadnought guitar.  One thing I'm happy to report is that playing uke hasn't confused any muscle memory I had from playing guitar for the ten years before I got a uke.  The chord shapes still came out the way they were supposed to without mistaking a D for a G. Playing the two instruments back and forth wasn't much of a problem but I'll freely admit, I was completely sober at the time.  I'll have to try this test again when I'm three shits to the wind.  That is the term right?  Three shits?  No?  Well to hell with you then!

One thing that was a little funky was that I found myself doing ukulele type strums on the guitar and it certainly didn't sound or feel right.  Wasn't "Chunk" the name of that fat kid on Goonies?  I can't think of the last time I had a Baby Ruth, or a Mars bar for that matter.  Do they still make those?  Oh yeah, this kid in my elementary school used to sell individual Pixie Stix in the schoolyard like it was crack.  And lets admit it,  that's basically what it was.  I used to chew on a whole lot of sourgrass and that was free.  After I realized how many dogs probably peed on it, I reduced the amount from "a whole lot" to just "a lot".

LOST is on at the same time as both American Idol and Glee tonight.  Life ain't fair.

Wait, I'm not on twitter right now am I?


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are not a sailor. Three shits, indeed!

I was suffering through Dancing With The Stars again tonight. The TV is in the same room as the computer, and my wife is there religiously for this program. Maybe all women are, I don't know. Anyway, I actually stopped what I was doing and watched when--surprise--they featured Sade. I can hear some groans, but I happen to like her, and I even liked the little dance number they did with it. Does this mean I'll be watching Idol next? God, I hope not. Still that's better than chewing sour grass, whatever that is.


This post was wonderfully random. Fishy.

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