Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cole Clark "Jack Tenor"

Ok, so I saw this interview at NAMM10 which ends with a fine demo of the double pick-up in the Cole Clark "Jack". Aside from the lack of a radiused fretboard (anther post to come on the MyaMoe radius I am in love with) the thing is loaded for Coyote hunting.

You lot ever play a Cole Clark? I may need a bigger house.


RussBuss said...

i have a seagull guitar with two pickups that you can blend and it really allows for some great sound tweaking. i bet that uke sounds like awesome sauce on rye.


I'm too lazy to Google it: what's a radiused fretboard?

Anonymous said...

A radiused fretboard has a curve to it from fret-end to fret-end (as opposed to having a curve from nut to body joint), like putting frets on a baseball bat only not quite that intense.

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