Monday, January 4, 2010

The Cure for UAS? Buy an Ukulele!!!

I didn't intend to, but I just stumbled upon the cure for UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome)! And the cure buy a uke!!

Not just any ukulele, though. You see, I saw on UkuleleUnderground that Pete Howlett was selling a couple of his creations on Ebay. So, I bid. And I won. And now I owe him a lot of money. So I'm selling some ukes to pay for it. I'll probably end up selling 5 -6 ukuleles to pay for the 1 by Howlett.

And that's the answer - Buy an expensive uke and then sell several of your cheaper ones to pay for it. Ta-da!

Oh, and I blame Ken Middleton for my purchase of the new uke. His orgasmic description of his new Howlett ukulele made me want one.


Chuck said...

Damn that's a freaking nice Uke!...Congrats man.

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