Friday, May 7, 2010

Grumpfest, now with 100% more Hobbit!

So if any of you remember, half of UCB had a little gathering up in Seattle this past January. Booze and Grump kept making fun of me for running the video camera all the time like a stereotypical Japanese tourist (Jokes on them, I'm not Japanese, I'm 80/20 Columbian and Persian). Anyhow, I've been sitting on all this random footage plus the only actual performance footage we got while we were hanging out with Howlin' Hobbit. So here is "Girl from Ipanema" performed by Howlin' Hobbit, Boozelele and Grumpy on lead lute cut with random footage from that weekend.

Notable moments:
0. "Taint song" jam on the bleachers (old footage from previous Portland trip)
1. Visiting the Fremont Troll
2. Buying fried things at Ivar's on the waterfront
3. Pike Place Market and street musicians
4. Some tool in a Subaru
5. Shopping for beer with Howlin' Hobbit
6. Cheez-its
7. Booze cutting the 3rd or 4th pizza of the night
8. Jazzzz handzzz
9. Booze forcing us to "walk" on the Burke-Gilman trail
10. Two clowns film each other for ultimate act of geekdom
11. Grumpy stares at bubbling swamp water
12. Getting hype by the edge of the lake
13. Giant bird's nest
14. Outtake from Spanish Harlem video
15. Malt liquor


Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought you'd be outing me playing the tenor. :-p

BTW... the guy playing the piano is Jonny Hahn. Boy's been down at the Pike Place Market longer than me, and this season will be my 27th!

(How the fuck did I get so old? How did I survive my stupid youth? And what about... Mary Ann?)

That bit in the grocery is the last sight of my scarf. *sigh*

PS: Grumpy - I coulda sworn I had your email but apparently I was wrong. Please to pop by my site and send it via the contact form. Or just email me if you have mine. I has questions and neither of us wants to post our email where the lousy, shitty, poorly engineered, wastebasket shaped, leprous, clap-ridden spammers can get ahold of it.

Let's us get together soon and drink too much gin again.

Baron said...

Man that looks like a good time. If I didn't life in another fucking galaxy billion lightyears from you, I'd have been there too drinking up your booze!

And Russ: Everyboxy knows you're 100% Bolivian marching powder.

Adelle the Great said...

Great post, Russ... but also: I would totally read this blog only for the comments. That's where the real magic happens. Too funny.

DeG said...

Awesome! I hope you guys talked HH into coming to UWC this year!

Anonymous said...

DeG: I would so love to, but I don't know if a busker's cashflow would handle it. I'm also in two bands right now so I'd have to make sure it was in the cards gig-wise.

someone can pleez tell me when it is? I remember it's near one of the three Brownsvilles.

RussBuss said...

@howlinhobbit: the party is June 4-5 in Needmore, IN.

if you can make it, there will be gin in it for you!

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