Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Yahoo homepage.

I saw this photo on the Yahoo homepage today and had a thought.  Actually a few thoughts.
  1. You ever wonder who came up with the idea to measure rain by the inch?
  2. I think it's about time for my annual prostate exam.
  3. When you testify in a court of law, is it improper to stomp your feet and yell "AMEN"?
  4. I wonder if James Brown was as exuberant in his daily life as he was onstage.
  5. Are dog yawns contagious to humans?
  6. Sam Kinison sure was great, huh?


Anonymous said...

please excuse me for being all un-hip and stuff but... who is the blond with the nice mouth?

RussBuss said...

here you go HH:

Anonymous said...

damn. didn't recognize her at all. and the woman actually has a decent set of pipes. I'd probably flub a line or two under such pressure myself.

difference is, I wouldn't give a fuck.

DeG said...

We were talking about her at work today, my co-worker said that she seems too trashy to be hot. My brain is still trying to process this abstract concept.

**Does not compute**
**Does not compute**
**Does not compute**

Boozelele said...

I always defended her. I have heard her sing really well. I don't know what happened. Why did you let me down Christina? And why did you not wear something a little more "low-cut"? You should have pulled a Janet-Jackson-like-wardrobe-malfunction stunt. No one would have noticed the horrible singing.

Baron said...

Russel - your prostate is fine! I was a bit worried about you at the UWC so I checked it thoroughly while you were passed out...

HaileISela said...

it really is a pleasure to read your comments, folks. oh, and the blogposts, too. of course.

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