Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project For Corn

So Boozelele mentioned something about a project I was working on in the last post. However, I'm not exactly sure how he found out about it since the details have been tucked away in my diary this whole time. Well anyway, it's called the "Project For Corn" and I will be focusing on a few items of self improvement for this year. Call it a belated New Year's Resolution if you will.

  1. Writing, producing, directing and starring in a musical drama based on the early life of Kelly Clarkson as told through her older brother Jason.  (or maybe through her sister Alyssa, it's still undecided.  but either way, KC will shine!)

  2. Inventing the mid-C string that will end the debate over "low G" versus "high G" on ukuleles. This mid-C string will also be known as the "STFU string" and will be sold in two different colors, clear and off-clear.

  3. Becoming the guy at ukulele festivals that wears socks with flip flops. And not ninja socks with the split toe, but regular white tube socks, preferably with blue stripes to accentuate the calves.

  4. Improving my fingerpicking technique via aromatherapy.

  5. Developing a cure for gravity.

Wish me luck people!



I feel a song coming on...

Anonymous said...

wish you'd gotten #5 done prior to last Saturday when I plunged headlong down a flight of steps, narrowly missing killing myself.

(srsly! saved from a broken neck by a cat box. it would be embarrassing if I wasn't so grateful to the damn cat box.)

if you had I wouldn't be sitting here all sore with various bits of me looking quite tie-dyed as the bone bruises bloom.

but I'll be just as happy when you get the STFU string developed. :-)

RussBuss said...

ouch! i wish you a speedy recovery HH. once again, the cat box saves the day!

dktoller said...

You might be spreading yourself a little thin, Russ. So let me suggest you delegate some of this.

Ask ATG to play KC in your play. Get Grumpy to wear socks with flipflops. Aromatherapy-- Booz? And I bet Hobbit would offer to work on the whole gravity thing; seems he has some recent first-hand experience.

Clearly the mid-C string will require your personal attention. At any rate, good luck and let us know how it goes.

DeG said...

I'm I missing something? I can't figure out what "STFU" is..I figure the "FU" is the same "FU" that Natalie Maines used for her "FUTK" T-shirt, but I can't figure out the Toby Keith ...I mean "ST", part on this one. Star Trek? Space-Time? String Tension? Stone Temple? Sexually Transmitted? State Troopers? I dunno, none of these seem feasible...

Baron said...

Shut The Fuck Up?

I too will wear nothing but socks and crocks on all ukefests from here on.

RussBuss said...

@dktoller: you may be right. i think ATG would be the perfect fit as KC, Booze can be Justin Guarini and Grumpy would make a fine Seacrest(out).

@DeG: see Baron's comment.

@Baron: wish i could "hang" with you guys at UWC this year.

DeG said...

Baron's English skillz our gooder then my's


The chosen one said...

The cure for gravity is obesity. Yes, being fat tends to to hold you to the surface of the planet a lot more than an average skinny person.

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