Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Love of Language

I am trying my damnedest to not be so full of hate. So here is a question sans-hate. Why is it that some people from a certain island state (again, I'm not naming names here...suffice to say it is not Rhode Island) think it is necessary to type in pidgin English. If you have an accent in your voice or a slight "twang", I totally understand. We are all from different geographical areas. And accents can be cute, some would even say "sexy". But for the love of King Kanaloa, when you type, type in English. Here is a recent post from an Ukulele Underground thread referring to a Uke that was up for sale..."Oh yea, and if you no like da buggah, can always put 'em up ova hea. Shua somebody would buy 'um." ....seriously? I mean it's just like writing using text-message-acronyms, which also offends me. So I'm just tellin y'all, ya ain't gotta do it....I mean really...WTF?


deach said...

Amen! I think it's pretty hypocritical when they write all Rhode-Islander kine yet get mad when "ukulele" is mispronounced.





I'm just starting to become aware of a certain elitist phenomenon regarding the islanders. Kinda like black culture. Strange and sad.

RussBuss said...

well said boozelele. i would pay to attend your hate workshop.


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