Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Yours, Buttercup

In the world of disturbing trends... it seems that the ukulele world has begun to see past I'm Yours, however not very far. Just when I finally got used to it, too! I've become so jaded to that tune. It follows me around. It was on at Subway the other day- came on just after I walked in the door. That's cause God hates me. I don't even cringe anymore. I just sigh in acceptance.

So what song is beginning to take it's place? What song could possibly be as annoying?


Why dooooo yoooooou..... build me up?- Buttercup! Baby just to let me doooown...

Ugh. I'm sorry, that wasn't very nice. You can all call me at 3am when you can't sleep for humming the tune.

I was surfing uke vids on the Youtuberwebz yesterday & it seemed there was a different version of it in the related vids box every time. It all goes back to jaaaaa, whom I shall refrain from stating my opinion on (I'd hate for her to read it & spit twinkie all over her computer & ruin the keyboard). I did a search for it this morning & turned up a startling 225 results with the words "buttercup uke", and 120 with "buttercup ukulele". I'm sure there's some overlap but I'm guessing it's still over 300 covers... and I didn't try any other keywords. I was too scared at that point.

Buttercup- the new I'm Yours?



Ooo! Tear it down, Buttercup!

RussBuss said...

haha, i now remember why i heart adelle! n_n

deach said...



Boozelele said...

Can you post the tabs?

Adelle the Great said...

Sure Booze- it's F - A - G ;p

RussBuss said...

HAHA guys, i just shot top ramen out my nose!

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