Friday, July 31, 2009


I just wanted to point out that Mike has now listed mango ukes (including pineapples), baritones, and concert ukuleles with slotted headstocks on the inventory at Mainland Ukes!

Now the dilemma: I still have 1 free uke from Mainland coming - so, which one should it be? I'm torn between a mango pineapple, mango concert or that sweet, sweet honeybee acoustic/electric soprano.

Suggestions? Insults?


RussBuss said...

i saw that the other day. i only wish the items were in stock right now. we have to wait until mid-august, which in UAS terms, is a hundred years from now!

to solve your dilemma, you can "alan" me your free uke. mango concert please. kthxbaiFEA.

Boozelele said...

I really was hoping to get one of the Mango Pineapples....and I want to have the only one in if you don't mind, can you get something else? (then all I will need to do is destroy all the other ones).

Adelle the Great said...

Since RB & Booze came through with the suggestions, I'll have to come up with the insults.


Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!



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