Saturday, July 4, 2009

UAS, Thou Art a Vicious Mistress

I spent the week in New Jersey with my extended family. Being that I'm anti-fun, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the trip... not really a boardwalk kinda girl. However I forgot one thing that you can find a-plenty there (and no I'm not talking about man-speedos)... I speak of... SKI BALL!!! I freaking love ski ball. Who doesn't?

We played a couple games our first stroll on the boardwalk, won some tickets, and went up to the prize counter... then what to my wondering eyes should appear? "Small Guitar 5,000 points" You can't fool me, arcade prize labeler guy, I know what that is. Ukuleles, in 4 different colors. I believe I actually squealed when I saw them there.

Only one thing to do in a situation like that. Slip a fiver into the ski ball slot.

Myself, my other half, and both of my parents proceeded to have a ski ball marathon. We played & played- turning in our tickets at 3 different points- "How many do we have now?!" until we became the proud owners of
::dun dun duuuuun::

It came complete with metal strings & loose tuning pegs! It probably cost us 3x what it's actually worth!

Darn you, UAS!!!



Wow. I had no idea you were this afflicted! Does that uke even work?


Adelle the Great said...

The action is high enough to stick your finger between the frets & strings... but it's awesome to use a slide on :)

Still way better than a cheesy tshirt or shot glass with New Jersey written on it!

Adelle the Great said...

Oh, and for the record... each ticket you won was worth 5 points... so we only (if 'only' applies anywhere in this story lol) had to win 1,000 tickets :)

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