Thursday, July 16, 2009

I GOT A NEW UKE TODAY! -It's not a Flea, It's a FEA!

(This is a follow up to ATG's previous post about brick walls....)

Don't worry, The bitter cynical Boozelele is back, and filled with more hate than ever. OK, that's not true, I'm just a little pissy today and wanted to share my misery with both of you. I have noticed lately a series of posts on our favorite forum exclaiming that a new uke is on the way, or has just arrived. It was cute the first couple times. It was fun to hear about the excitement of a new player getting their first uke. But have we really run so far out of things to talk about that we have come to posting "tweets" as new threads on the U.U. forum? "I got a new Makala Soprano today!", "I learned out to play a F#m today!". "I knocked over my fluke in a drunken stupor today"... Now don't get me wrong, I get UAS too, and get just as excited when I get a new uke. In fact I have one on the way from the East Coast right now, and I check UPS tracking every 3 minutes or so (even though it is not scheduled to be here until next week). But I am starting to get concerned that we no longer have any original topics to cover and have started posting anything, just to start a thread. And if we set the precedent that every-time you get a new uke you start a new thread exclaiming "I got a new uke today"....before long that is all we will ever see. Rest assured however...that when mine arrives...I will post pics.


RussBuss said...

well here are a few fresh new ideas for you budding threadmakers out there:

1. "I just had my prostate exam. i got a C-"
2. "FedEx just delivered my Slapchop"
3. "Stubbed my toe on the coffee table. any advice?"
4. "How do i tune my uke to FEA?"

deach said...

What kinda stringz are you putting or your new uke?

Adelle the Great said...

....and those are the threads with 75 replies! I see threads where people post a new song they've written, and they get 1 or 2 replies as gratitude for sharing the inner working of their soul... while "Guess What the UPS Man Brought Me (besides my new anal beads)" warrents a week long conversation.

Dirk said...

Solution would be to open ONE big "my uke's here"-thread and make it sticky. It wouldn't make all the threads go away, but it could diminish their numbers a bit.

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