Friday, July 3, 2009

Ohai Pono Review

O hai oh.......Well I'm fairly certain that the verdict is in on the brand spanking new Ohai line of Ukuleles from Ko'olau and Pono. I have seen several posts on other ukulele forums praising this uke for its beauty, price, et. al. But as someone who tries not to follow the lemmings as they plunge blindly over the cliff and into the crashing surf below, it is up to me to suggest that there may be another opinion out there. Russbuss in his infinite wisdom suggested that a complete unbiased formal review may be in order. And because I have a slightly lustful yet clean and wholesome man-crush on the boy-wonder from the city-by-teh-bay, I will not taint any official UCB position on this new uke by pooping in the collective cheerios. However...once the Deachman has sufficient time to pick, strum, and stroke his new Ohai uke, rest assured the UCB will combine all of it's collective wisdom, experience, and talent....along with it's brutally honest opinion to present to our readers (yes, both of you), a comprehensive review.


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