Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Da Aloha Kine Place

I've never been to Hawaii. It has always seemed like a waste of a vacation to me. There are so many other places in the world that I really would love to see, and in many cases they can be seen for less money. In a previous life I used to spend most of my time planning my next vacation. While shopping for airfare, no matter what kind of a deal I could find to Hawaii, I could find an equal or lower fare to Mexico, or Costa Rica, or Belize, etc. And for a few bucks more, I could travel to Amsterdam, or Spain, or France. And since Hawaii is "just another state", why should I go there when I could go somewhere REALLY cool for the same price? The main reason I like travel in the first place is to get away from ugly Americans, why in the hell would I want to go somewhere that there is a bunch of people who look just like me?

Everyone who goes to Hawaii tells me how great it is. But for the most part, these are people who don't have enough of an adventurous spirit (read; balls) to travel out of their comfort zone. So a State that has white beaches and brown people is as close to an exotic local as they are ever going to see. But as Alan's Pigin Pride post points out, there can be as much danger for a Haole in Honolulu as there is for a Gringo in Guadalajara, so maybe they aren't total wimps after all.

Now with my fondness for all things ukulele I've taken an interest in Da Islands. (Though I'm still not sure I would spend the money to go there). So here is my question: Is it really a cool place to visit? What if I could get some kick-ass deal on that Koaloha Tenor that I want so bad from going to the factory? Would that justify the expense to travel there? Or should I save my money, continue to get my ukes on ebay, and save my money for more ice cold Coronas at home, and meet-ups with my UCB buddies here on the mainland?


deach said...


where's your vid slacker?

RussBuss said...

what i don't get are people that go all the way to hawaii to shop in their fancy malls. i only go to hawaii for one reason, costco.


LOLz at Costco.

You have another alternative - Portugal. The original home of the "uke" and it's a beautiful place, I'm told. The Portuguese were amazing seafarers and had lots of money so they built beautiful cities. Half of the country is coastline. There are still some Uke or Uke-related instrument makers there too, like Cordoba.

And yes, I wanna go.

deach said...

I've heard tales of Portuguese seamen. I guess Alan just confirmed them.


The test was positive.

I'm going to have a cavanquina.

or whatever the h311 those Portuguese ukes are called..

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