Friday, September 4, 2009


This one's for Grumpy.

When did the whole "Girls in Freakin' Gigantic Glasses and Playing Ukulele Syndrome" start? This girl isn't even wearing real glasses. They're just her sunglasses that she's poked the lenses out of. Is this supposed to be a disguise? Or is it just the "Latest rad trend", as the young folks say these days?

I guess we have to blame it all on:

Harry Carey: idol of teen hotties everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather hear Harry Carey sing that song....

Grumpy Coyote said...

Oversized glasses = quirky and cool. Don't you know anything?

Also, try to play the most overplayed songs you know. I hope to hear a cover of a Mraz number soon. Or Colby Callet. Perhaps that duet by Mraz AND Colby!

Boozelele said...

Isn't Harry Carey one of the guys from that band that played "I Will Walk 500 Miles" back in the 80's? I hate that song. Who want's to Collab with me on it?

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