Monday, September 21, 2009

Boozefest '09 - Sauces with Malice

Without breaking the unwritten rule of “what happens at a UCB event, stays at a UCB event”, here are some highlights of the lovely weekend that was Boozefest ’09.

Grumpy showed up on the train mid-morning on Saturday, Russ three hours later. This turned out to be good scheduling as it allowed me and Grump to get in some breakfast and have the last intelligent conversation we would have for nearly 48 hours. After a couple "cokes" and some “ice cream” we recorded a Traveling Douche Berries number then went out for a burger and some “tea”. Coincidentally there is a nice little restaurant with “really good tea” two blocks from my apartment. Who knew?

From this point on, the rest of the Saturday is a little hazy. I’m pretty sure we played flukes in the park, drank a couple more “cokes” and ended up walking to a more “upscale” establishment for “refreshments”. By midnight we were scaring local hipsters at the roach-coach parking lot down the street. I don’t know if it was the good food or the great company but I’m not really clear what happened after that, though I do remember Russ being really heavy.

Unfortunately either because of something we ate, or all of the soda the day before, Sunday turned out to be a challenge. We all were feeling a little under the weather. We did manage to record a couple songs after a really greasy breakfast and a forced march at Mt. Tabor Park. We even walked down to the River Front Esplanade and recorded a song on a floating dock (the greasy breakfast didn’t like the movement of the dock, or visa versa…so we couldn’t stay long). Pizza and a couple beverages made us all feel better. And we went to bed early so that Russ could work in the morning, Grump could travel back to Seattle, and I could finish the quilt I’ve been working on for several months.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give the weekend “easily five stars”. Russ and Grump may have entirely different opinions.


Grumpy Coyote said...

One heck of a good time my friend. Mac-n-cheese, good tunes, good friends, and just enough blurry bits.

You'll have to tell me when NOT to come down and visit.

Adelle the Great said...

Quilt time!

"Coke" pitcher full of stars, Booze- great write up. Wish I coulda been there... next time, next time...

RussBuss said...

thanks for the great weekend guys! my tea-soaked liver will need at least a month to recover. last thing i remembered was getting into ladies night at the "upscale establishment" for free as boozelle and grumpy prdo's shared japanese wife. good times!

Grumpy Coyote said...

"Excuse me Miss, can I see some ID?"

deach said...


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