Monday, September 14, 2009

Mainland Madness!!!!!1111

so i've been visiting the Mainland ukes website everyday for the past month waiting for their new models to arrive. let's call it full blown UAS. i really don't need another uke. i do however, (paces back and forth), have the urge, (wipes forehead with hankerchief), to JUSTIFYYYYYYYYY!!! (stomp stomp)

1. i'm buying an upgrade for another uke i plan to sell (LIES)
2. i don't have one is this size and wood combination (AS IF I CAN TELL THE DIFF)
3. a better uke will encourage me to learn more (BULLSHIT)
4. my 401k can suck it, i need another uke just because i do (TRUTH HURTS)

anyway, i'll continue to visit the Mainland ukes website twice a day until the new honeybees and mangos show up. i will then proceed to sell a kidney and maybe all my hair to buy something....anything!

i really should have taken up smack instead of uke. it's much easier to get a fix.


Grumpy Coyote said...

I feel ya. That mango baritone just sounds down-right nifty. Probably a must have.

Stupid 401k anyway... Fine instruments are an INVESTMENT damnnit.

Poor Mike & Tookta, this must be driving them crazy to not physically have products people really want to buy. Overseas suppliers are a real PITA sometimes.

Boozelele said...

I think you really do have a sickness Russell. You keep buying least I can say I dont have a pineapple, therefore I need one. Or, I dont have a I should get one. You have 114 concert ukes....and still want another one.

Mugambismonkey said...

Wow... it's good to know that you're watching this site, too! I'm waiting each day for pictures of the mango models to appear! *lol* So we're brothas in ukes as it seems...

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