Monday, September 14, 2009

Really YouTube? Really?

Dear YouTube,

Ok. I'm in the tech industry. I'm not naive as to what it takes to make a Web application with the massive demand and scope of YouTube. It's hard - I get it.

I can forgive the nearly useless messaging system, the puzzling "unread" icon that never goes away, the dropped notifications, the endless uploads, and the baffling and cryptic usage rights. I can forgive all of that.

What I can't forgive is the transparent attempts to be "hip" and "casual" during your absolutely unnecessary disabling of features when you go through "maintenance". In particular, this message:

"We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back 100% in a bit."

It's insulting and irrelevant. You are not performing maintenance. You fucked something up. When we can't use the application, it's broken - period. None of your pithy bullshit messages help that. You broke your app - usually for hours at a time.

"Cool" and "hip" are self-evident. The minute you use a phrase like the one above to appear cool - you are not.

If you want us to think you are "cool", admit that you wrote bad code and need some time to fix it. Try an apology instead of the arrogant demand that I "be cool" instead.

Thank you.


Boozelele said...

If they were REALLY cool, they would let us know in Pigin. (insert some really cool and witty youtube/pigin sentence not clever enough).

RussBuss said...

da kine!

the best thing is, after all that "maintenance", the shit's still broken. i want my money back!

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