Monday, August 3, 2009

Anything for Attention...Apparently

I recently posted a couple videos where I was driving and playing my uke at the same time. Now just to be clear, I've been driving with my knees for years. It is very convenient when you need to do anything that requires both hands. And really, it is NOT that difficult. Playing the ukulele while driving is no different that eating while driving. And no where near as dangerous as Texting while driving. In the description of my last video Jambalaya of Death I apparently made it seem like I was going to crash head on into a school bus at any minute killing and/or maiming countless preschoolers in the process. But I want to make it perfectly clear... at no time was anyone in danger from my little escapade. I am NOT an adrenaline junkie. I do not have a death wish.

I bring this up because I received on comment on this last video that said, and I quote " Not smart dude. Just eliminated you. Good by." I don't know if any of you have lost a subscriber for careless behavior. Maybe I'm the first. And I'm not really upset that I lost a subscriber, but for f*#k sake...when Victoria Vox drives and plays it is charming and shows her dedication to the ukulele...when I do it it is a reckless stunt, risking almost certain death, done solely in some desperate need for attention. Well "Ukeedreamer", if you're out there, bite me.


Adelle the Great said...

Two things:

Ukeedreamer doesn't sub me so he obviously has no taste in uke music.

I clicked on his page & in his favs is another video of someone playing uke in their car- I shit you not.


Just for this I hunted Victoria Vox down and drove over her while strumming What a Wonderful World, laughing maniacally. That'll teach this "Ukeedreamer"!

Didn't kill her. Had to back up.


Booze, you're still listed as one of his subscriptions. I don't see me on it. What a pootie-head.

Sry for the language.

RussBuss said...

they're all "pootie-heads", and CASI.

Dirk said...

I guess you can't react quickly in a suddenly appearing difficult traffic situation while playing the uke (and probably struggling to play a sophisticated chord that requires all your attention & fingers...) But when the road is free and there are no trees... why not!

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