Monday, August 3, 2009

nice job

Booze's post below about hater comments in his YouTube videos (Kev, I promise I won't do it again!) reminded me of other kinds of comments I don't like. And I would actually prefer hater comments compared to bland comments. Comments like "nice job" or "that was great" are pretty much worthless to me. They make me feel like they clicked on my video just to get it out of their subscriber new video box and they didn't watch my video all the way through.

When I comment, I try to refer to something in the actual video I'm commenting on to show specific appreciation for some aspect of it. Like, "LOL the way the booger flew from your nose at the coda." Then and only then is when a "great job" comment should be added.

Some haters do the same thing - comment and don't even tell you what made them conclude "yer gay" or "u suk lol". At least tell me why, and then maybe I'll suk lol a little less next time.

So, come on! Both haters and friends. Be specific. I'd appreciate it.


Adelle the Great said...

What about the people who mention something in the vid- but it's something that happened in the first 30 seconds or so... and you can tell that they just watched long enough to be able to spot that & then clicked away after leaving their comment?

I had this happen recently. I did a vid where you could see outside the window & someone mentioned that they enjoyed my dog walking around out there... but after watching it myself again, I realized the dog walked by only once, and it was right at the beginning.

I've often considered putting a hidden message at the end of my vids... just to see who really watches.

Boozelele said...

I am still waiting for the "you suck, go kill yourself" comment. So if one of you guys could do me a favor and leave me that comment I would really appreciate it.

Adelle the Great said...

The oddest comment I've ever gotten was: "Why do you sing like a black woman?" posted on my What a Day for a Daydream vid. I took it as a compliment.

RussBuss said...

nice blog.

deach said...

lolz at ruzz

deach said...
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deach said...

kinda vague

vague comment

Coffee said...

As a beginner and since I dont get anywhere near the number of views or comments that you guys get, I am excited with any comment. It lets me know that the viewer thought enough of it to post something rather than "clicking through"... Maybe if I ever reach the level that you are the vague comment wont mean as much, but for now I really appreciate them all.

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