Monday, August 31, 2009



I give up, world.

You win.


RussBuss said...

lolzzz, the article says it's a "hippie-friendly jam". apparently, they talked to the wrong hippies. FEA!


It's hard to hate Mraz. Everything I see of him, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Adelle, I hear that a new re-mixed version of "MmmBop" is quickly climbing the charts!

Grumpy Coyote said...

Sigh. It's a catchy tune, no doubt.

Makes my fillings hurt due to over-play though.

And what the hell is the "Hippy" BS about? It's a hit in the R&B crowd - and I suppose some middle of the road, adult-contemporary stations... but Hippy? WTF? I hate the reporter more than the song. FEA.

Adelle the Great said...

Ah I know Grumpy! He was insulting my people!

Boozelele said...

Yeah, FEA. (my two cents)

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