Friday, August 21, 2009

The End Is Near

I came across a young uke playing lad from England today whilst cruising around the tube. He looked to be about 8 years old (turned out he is 14), and was playing a cover of Bob Marley's Stir It Up. I was very impressed that such a young nipper was playing a classic Marley tune on the uke, and playing it so well. At first I thought that the future is not so bleak after all. I mean in my normal life I am surrounded by dread-lock-wearing, tattoo-covered, cheek-pierced, ear lobe-stretched, American Spirit-smoking, PBR-drinking, Johnny Cash-listening, hipster wanna-bes. And now here is this fresh young face, so full of promise and hope. It almost brought a tear of joy to my eye. Then I saw the list of "musical influences" on his YouTube homepage......Bob Marley, Julia Nunes, and.....wait for it..... Jason Mraz. That's like saying your influences are Jake Shimabakuro, Boozelele, and Keyboard Cat.


deach said...


Adelle the Great said...

I can haz hope in the human race?

Nope. Denied.

Keyboard Cat inspires me on a daily basis.

Grumpy Coyote said...

Is it the sign of the end times, or just that we are old now?

Dear Julia somehow has more subscribers than most popular musicians - beating Mr. Mraz, Mr. Timberlake, Russ' favorite Ms. Clarkson... - and I suspect even Mr. Marley...

Not views, mind you, but subscribers - by many thousands. It's a puzzle to me.

She's a fixture now. Pop culture at minimum. Influental remains to be seen, but I suspect she's more than a fad.

Sigh. Perhaps Andy's 15 minute rule will kick in.

I'm un-subbing everything BUT keyboard cat.

RussBuss said...

wow, that keyboard cat is something else!

kelly clarkson really is my favorite, but i wouldn't say she's an influence. more of a deity.

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Sorry, I swore up a storm in that last comment.

I meant to say, "I wish you wouldn't compare Boozelele to Mraz. Kevin, I'm sure he didn't mean it!"

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