Monday, August 17, 2009

...the Heck?

Anybody else notice this message on the UCB YouTube channel?:

YouOriginal (1 week ago)
Spam Marked as spam

Sorry removed user for not subscribing.

I'm guessing he subscribed to the UCB channel and then got pissed that UCB didn't sub back.


RussBuss said...

yeah that self-important turd can go f*ck himself! and then post a comment about it.

Grumpy Coyote said...

I love it when they invent random bullshit etiquette and then ignore common decency and basic communication skills… I think we win here.

deach said...

Here's his email to the UCB YT account -

are you going to subscribe to our channel? please tell me if your not going to cause i have to remove your vid if you dont.



Ahh, meaningless threats...

Adelle the Great said...

One day he will bow to us!!

RussBuss said...

hey Alan, you can suck it!

Boozelele said...

He must have linked one of our videos. And then pulled it when we didn't subscribe. We are total A-holes. I'm just saying.

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