Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh, Youtube, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

Supposedly, you capture the 3 still frames from the videos beginnning, middle & end. But I think I'm on to you, Youtube. Yeah.. I know all about you & your game. Maybe you don't play it with everyone, but you're playing it with me. And I don't think that's nice, Youtube. I don't think it's nice to not tell me we're playing a game. I mean, you made the rules, you could at least tell me it's on, it's go time.

I know what you're doing. You wait & you wait... then "There! There it is! That's it!"

The retard face.

At some point, I make the retard face... my mouth is open, one eye is squinted all funny & the other is like, fully open & looking off to the other side or something... my hand is a blur cause I'm in midstrum, but it's debatably close to my chest in the international "doy" sign. I look like I'm either gonna sneeze, throw up,or just got done doing both of those things at once. If you tried to type out the sound it looks like I'm making, it would be "nyeeeeehh".

And that's when you freeze frame. I hope you're all getting a good chuckle there in the breakroom, Youtube. Sipping your coffee... or maybe herbal tea cause I have a feeling your kinda wussy like that... it'd be apple cinnamon or something... gettin your kicks off of my retard face. I know you got pushed into lockers in highschool, Youtube, but that's no reason to give me a hard time now.

Oh, and if I offended anyone with the word "retard".... what are you doing reading the UCB site? Offensive is our thing ;)


Boozelele said...

oh yeah, the retard face...I have that on most of my vids. It really sucks when all three are bad, which seems to happen almost every time for me. And yes, I am offended by the word retard...that's why I just shorten it to "tard-face".

deach said...

Yes, YT has a way of capturing my O-face too.

RussBuss said...

you guys are lucky, i'm the exact opposite! youtube has a way of capturing 3 decent shots of me. i walk around the rest of the day with my retard face as a horrid reality.

Grumpy Coyote said...

I kind of like the retard face... So when folks click, the expectations are low. "Hey, this guy's only MOSTLY retarded!"

Mugambismonkey said...

You'll get an especially retarded look when YouTube captures you while whisteling!! You'll look like a carp panting for air.

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