Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cute Ukulele Babe Alert

And she's not of Asian decent! Happy, Booze? She's in Iceland -


Boozelele said...

Wow she is good. I definitely approve of this one. And just to make it clear, I never said anything about you posting only "Asian" girls...or that they were always young....or that they always showed lots of leg....

I was going to post one of JamieUkuleleArranger's videos...but I thought I would be chastised for labeling a 15 year old a "babe".

P.S. Alan is "numba one G.I."

soffĂ­a said...

Oh, wow *blushes*
no one has ever referred to me as a "cute ukulele babe" before haha
lovely, thanks for featuring me!

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