Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Somebody Stop Me

Crap. This KoAloha D-VI (or DIV for you Deach) is up on Fleamarketmusic's marketplace for $850US, w/ case.
Already having him make me a video so I know it's the real deal (as opposed to one of the recent scams).

I may be doomed. I'm about to pay $850 + shipping for what is essentially a Koa-wood capo.
Quick - buy it before I can.


RussBuss said...

mommy, how can i be rich like g-coyote?

deach said...

"RussBuss said...

mommy, how can i be rich like g-coyote?"

Step 1. Don't have kidz.

Grumpy Coyote said...

1) Get yourself a pair of hotpants – or a smokin’ red leather mini-skirt
2) Find a nice street corner in corporate America
3) Practice the phrase “Hey baby – do you wanna party?” while leaning into car windows

All metaphor of course, but once I wrote it down, it’s surprisingly similar to what I do for a living.

Also – duel income, no kids.
Also - paying bills is stupid. I just stopped doing it.
"Foreclosure" is like a good thing, right?

RussBuss said...

totally dude! bills are sooooo 90's. all the cool kids are filing bankruptcy.

deach said...

So when is being delivered, GrumpyMoneyBagz?

UkeNinja said...

Friends don't let friends buy neck clamps.

Boozelele said...

Now before you pull the trigger on that, are you sure you thought this through? What about a normal 6 string Koaloha? or an 8 string? why this super-expensive toy guitar? On second though buy I can play around with it next time at the next meeting.

Grumpy Coyote said...

Hrrrm... Still no video. May be a bust.

Farg. The new ones arent *that* much more... Hate bacon.

Yeah booze... As for a four - I'm thinking custom for my next one. Next year sometime. So the D-VI is just to fill the requinto spot in the line-up with something well made (the requinto is a $99 cheapie) and more uke-like.

So I may be back to square one.

RussBuss said...

how about the Kala U-Tar? i think it runs for about $300, so you can save the rest of your money for hookers and blow.

or bacon.

Grumpy Coyote said...

Yeah - that kala is interesting, but I think I'm loking for my next batch of instruments to be a bit higher-end.

The (undoubtably flawed) premise is that if I get as close to as good as i can afford, I'll be less tempted to keep buying things.

Not buying anything and saving the money for therapy is probably a better course of action.

RussBuss said...

see you at sassy's! steak dinners are on you.

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