Thursday, November 12, 2009


Been almost two months since the last UCB vid.....



Somebody give me my voice back and I'll do one!

/srsly, once I can sing again, I'm up for it. Adelle and I still have one planned from, say, a YEAR ago, but I dilly-dallied.

Me so bad. :(

Mugambismonkey said...

Have you noticed the latest limerick contest on UU? These could be made into a collab song... here are some samples of mine:

There once was a bloke called Darth Vader
who loved to play with his light-saber
someone deached him an uke
now together with Luke
he plays in a band they call "Neighbor"

Once in a lake called Loch Ness
a monster was in deep distress
a posh girl from Delhi
who played ukulele
on the shore became his mistress

Once a young scammer called Loa
tried to sell us a fake Ko'aloha
he was soon debunked
and his login defunct
still he claims that it's made out of Koa

RussBuss said...

i guess it's time to dust off the ol' camera. UCBCSI.

Grumpy Coyote said...

Just like my wedding... tell me when to be there, where to stand, and what to say - and I'm in.

TrinaD said...

I think that's the problem, Grumps. Adelle will need to tell all you boys when to shoot, where to stand, and what to sing.

Mugambismonkey said...

Sorry guys... I have to show off a last one:

There was an old Hippie of Goa
who sat on his own Ko'aloha
he was pissed as a fart
and said "this wood is hard!"
in his balls they found splinters of Koa

Adelle the Great said...

Oh bless you, Trina! After days spent with me you still think I'm responsible.

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