Tuesday, October 27, 2009

But... there are some cases where I do feel subbing would at least be the polite thing to do. So, I've compiled a list. It's called...
People Who Should Sub Me But Don't

1. Tab Parasites:
If you randomly leave a comment on one of my vidoes, I don't expect a sub. However, if you randomly leave a comment on my video requesting tab for the song I'm playing... then yeah, I'd like a sub. Not to increase the numbers- but if you expect me to take the time to figure out where I found the chords for that partiuclar song, and then email them to you... I'd like you to put forth the minimal effort of hitting "subscribe". Especially the people that don't comment, but go to the trouble of sending an email to ask you for the tab.. those d-bags. I'm tempted to write back "Ya know... if we were to combine the time it took you to write to me, and the time you're spending reading this, you could have found the tab on your own by now." It's just respectful I think, to sub someone if you're asking them to do a favor for you. Am I being too harsh?

2. Friendzz:
If you request my interwebz friendship through another site that I'm pretty sure we all frequent on a regular basis that I shalt not name... let's just call it New Whaley Thunder Hound... then you should sub me. It's not like Youtube... the scale is incredibly smaller- you know who you're asking on there. Random youtube friend requests? I don't expect a sub from them. But if we're intouch outside of Youtube, if you wanna be my "friend"... then, yeah. Not for a sub number, but because in actual friendship this would be the thing to do.

3. Phantom Listeners:
I know I said it's not about the numbers... and it's not, I swear. But sometimes... it's a little bit about the numbers. I get people that watch my vids on a regular basis, comment, email me.... but no sub. Sometimes it's users with no vids up of their own, & no subscriptions at all... typically older folks who don't really understand how youtube works. I can see that. Other times I just can't figure out why- why don't you sub me?! ::sob:: You've commented 4 of my last 5 vids... why?!

4. People I've freaking played music with:
Yes, to my dismay... there are 2 different folks I did duets with who didn't sub me. Both have come around now, and I'm not naming names... but it was really a wtf thing.

/end whine list

Sub for a sub is ridonkulous. I don't do it, I don't expect it. Next!


Boozelele said...

I know I have complained before about this very issue (but what haven't I complained about?) There is a certain someone I've jammed with, have given a ride to, and is one of my facebook friends who still hasn't subbed me. I won't say who it is but it rhymes with Scrawni Spawni.

Grumpy Coyote said...

Unsubing you both.


Actually, I feel ya. I'm consistently astonished that I have any subs, but then there are some folks that give me a solid WTF moment when they are not subscribers.

And for the record, Nixon so would have been a sub whore.

RussBuss said...

i'm not a sub whore. i'm a regular whore. *snap snap*


Who is that old guy in the pic? Dang, Adelle, how old are you anyway??

*fap fap*

Mugambismonkey said...

I don't expect people to sub me. I feel honored if they do, but I don't expect it. Subbing a channel means to me that you take some kind of responsibility to at least check on the other kid's videos from time to time and leave a comment or rate... dude that takes time!!

And I haven't done this for at least one month now and feel quite bad about it. (At this point: Sorry to all my subscriptions who I havent visited for so long! It's all because I spend my comment time on the UCB blog now...so blame them!)

One time I consequently checked ALL new videos of my subscriptions and it took me about 3 hours to watch them all. And I only have about 100 subscriptions!

I often wonder how Deach manages to comment on my videos EACH time I upload one. Often he writes the very first comment even! At this point, I'd like to say: "Deach, you're truly awesome beyond compare!"

And finally here's my comment to this post: "Nice one! Great job! Love it! 5/5!"

Boozelele said...

Deach never sleeps. Seriously, never.

Aldrine said...

Awww... *hugs*

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