Thursday, October 15, 2009

UCB? 100th Most Popular? Get The F' Out!

So our first week being ranked in the "Top 50 Ukulele Sites". We dropped in at the very bottom of the list. That's right, number 100...out of 50! If this was the billboard top 100, we could say we had a minor hit back in 2009. I'm not exactly sure how the rankings are calculated, but I did notice we are only 6 places behind "Utah Ukuleles", and if you count the number of hits we've had this week we are actually in the top 60. What does all this mean to any of us you might ask? Well, it means absolutely nothing of course. Just another way to measure our value as human beings against the value of others. And then whine and complain about how unfair it is! We love this shit!

Anyway, congrats to you bitches for being so uncool. Keep it up. With any luck someday we can kick the Utahan's asses all the way back to Wyoming (or wherever Utah is).


Mugambismonkey said...

Well congrats guys! Being on this list is already quite a merit! "Give me a U - give me a C - give me a B ..." (Trying to do some cheerleading here, shaking my Cup-A-Boobs for you guys!!)


AS long as we keep talking about boobs and JN, we should continue our ascent up the charts!


Adelle the Great said...

Wait... does this mean that the 8 of us who read/contribute to this blog spend as much time on the internet as the rest of the uke community combined?

Boozelele said...

It means that Hate and Boobs are both really popular topics.

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