Thursday, October 1, 2009

Undies or No Undies? That is the question

We're into October now, and still no word on Ukulele Underground if there will be an "Undies" Ukulele Video Awards for 2009. Since I was robbed by the UCB of an Undie that was rightfully mine (and they then proceeded to cut the award in two!) last year, I'm especially anxious about getting a second chance.

If UU is planning another awards show, I wonder about a few things. Such as, should videos that were made for other contests be allowed to compete for an Undie? Other questions will come to mind later, but now I want to hear what you think.


RussBuss said...

hey alan, i got your wood right here!!

maybe UCB should have its own award show. we can call it the "FU's", bronze middle finger statues, kanye west waiting in the wings, pink popcorn.

Grumpy Coyote said...

I win FU's all the time. I know Booze does too. Hell, he won two for perfect strangers just giving me a ride from the train station.

I'll be happy to play the role of Kanye anytime. Although he has better hair.

deach said...

UKI you deserve a rainbow award.

Boozelele said...

I have no idea what it is like to have a video that is so good, that you can be nominated for an Undie, let alone win one. While it is true I get plenty of the "one finger salutes" I'll leave the awards to you guys, and the JN's of the world. (like I have a choice..heee)

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