Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream Job

Is there such a thing as a "dream job" for me? If by job you mean not-job & by dream you're implying that I'm still in bed & it's 10am...

I used to think that working in a record store would be the coolest job in the world. Surrounded by music & instruments... able to listen to anything you want but don't have to buy it... maybe get free promotional stuff that comes through- like big card board cut outs & album release posters. Spending all day amidst your passion... how awesome!

But then I went to a record store.

I'm standing there, the only customer, coveting a Little Feat box set, convincing myself not to buy it... and in walks this guy:

Okay, so that's not ACTUALLY the guy... but it may as well have been! There are a million of these douche bags walking the streets. He comes in & walks up & down the CD aisles for maybe 2 minutes then goes up to the clerk & says "Where's Green Day?"

"We keep it under... G." Way to go, sales guy! Couldn't have replied any more sarcastically myself... well, besides maybe something like "I'm sorry, we only sell music here." or "We keep those in the bathroom." but then I probably would've got fired.

See, that's why working in a record store wouldn't be quite as cool as it sounds at first. You'd have to spend yr day talking to guys with tribal tattoos about really really bad music. You would have to become somewhat versed in really really bad music, so that you could have those conversations. ::shudder:: Someone could potentially come in one day & say to you "Do you have The Best of Journey?" & you would have to give them a serious reply. You might actually have to hold an Alanis Morisette album in your hands at some point, for crying out loud!

I couldn't do it.

I hate Green Day, and guys with tribal tattoos. I can't work in a record store, at least I wouldn't be able to keep a job at one for long... "Adelle, did you move all the Celine Dion CDs to the letter H section?" "Well, H for horrible..." "And are you responsible for the black marker mustache & funny glasses on the Miley Cyrus poster...?"


deach said...

"I hate Green Day, and guys with tribal tattoos. "

hey now!

Baron said...

Ha ha, let's see how you get out of this one, Adelle!

(and I like Journey...)

deach said...

Adelle hates me....but in a good way.

Baron said...

I love you, but in a bad way...


I worked at Camelot Music for a year. Dullest job ever. I stood there for hours waiting to be helpful. Customers either didn't want help or wanted too much help. bleh.

Also we had Ticketmaster, which only took cash. No credit cards or checks. TMCSI.

RussBuss said...

lol, great post adelle, fuck everybody!

(but god save kelly clarkson)

Grumpy Coyote said...

You don't want to work in a record store - you want to OWN a record store (read HighFidelity when you get a chance). Then you can mock these d-bags at will and shame them into leaving.

"We keep it under G..." indeed ;-)

Mugambismonkey said...

Oh come on, it must be fun if someone walks in and hums a melody and expects you to recognize the song immediately! I love these kind of games. I've tried it once in a record shop and it worked immediately! The guy knew right away what I was looking for. It was "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. (Yes, I know, some time ago... but I still have the CD somewhere!)

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