Friday, October 23, 2009

'Scuse Me, Do I Know You?

Someone clue me in. What is the point of sending out friend requests on youtube to anonymous users? I get these all the time. Usually they are from musicians. I never understood this (of course I have never given it much thought either) Do you get an award for having the most “friends”? And just to be clear, I don’t really like most of my real friends. Why the hell would I want to be “friends” with random a-holes on youtube? I guess if I did think about it, I would assume it is either for the ability to send out new videos to all your “friends” and garner more views, or to get people to visit your channel out of curiosity and hope they subscribe. Either way, it is fishing for unwarranted attention. I generally have a policy of immediately denying these bogus friend requests. Maybe one of you can give me a valid reason to change my policy. And maybe you random a-holes can give me a valid reason to accept you as my “friend” (and just so you know it will probably take more than being a cute Asian girl with boobs).

P.S. I did notice another UCBer got hit with the same friend request, and accepted it. Can you guess who it was?

ADDENDUM: Now that I am awake I want to clarify the above post. The girl in the picture with the boobs is also very talented, and perhaps I would have subbed her had I found her videos on my own. I did not mean to flame her specifically, but I DID mean to flame the annonymous friend requesters aS a group. -TCASI


RussBuss said...

LOL sauce on hate toast! i get these random requests as well. i used to think that these people really wanted to be my friend, you know, like we could go watch a movie together or play checkers in the park. but then i found out that most of them just want to be able to spam you with their lame fucking videos. i've had to block several of these self-promoting bastards. but anyway, would you like to be my friend booze?

Boozelele said...

You're going to have to show some skin Russell.


My presence on this site is strong today. And I'm not even mentioned in the posts.

(vote for me!)


Mugambismonkey said...

I've just sent you a friend request on YouTube! (Wait until you see the vids that I'm going to upload. They will be DROP DEAD AWESOME!!! And I expect you to watch them several times a day AND rate all of them 5 STARS AT LEAST!! - That's the least I can expect of a friend isn't it?!)


I unfriended Booze and then sent a friend invite to him just because of this post. I hope he accepts!! squee!

Grumpy Coyote said...

Sometimes, I get friend request from musicians eho come from the MySpace world - where "friending" is the only mechanic (there are no "subs"). If I am not orribly offended by them, I may accept it - just because I assume they don't think about sub-ing.

But for the most part, it's just a way for some douche-y twit to try and get me to sub them. FEA.

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