Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crap. Just shoot me now.

Isn't this always the way it happens?

I finally decided on what ukulele to get from Mainland Ukes as my raffle prize: a mango concert. Then I look at their site and see the above picture. The concert mahogany with the slotted headstock.

Dang, it's purty.

When it comes to my serious ukes (the plastics are another matter), I've always said that the sound is the important thing.


Dang, that's cool-looking.


I have no excuse to get it.


I just realized that I don't have a mahogany uke in concert size! Mango, yes. Red Cedar, yes. But mahogany?



Mugambismonkey said...

I can't agree with you more: The slotted headstock is adorable!

Grumpy Coyote said...

Sweet one - no doubt about it.

You are saving your pennies for UWC this year I hope?

Boozelele said...

Ok, where is it??????

RussBuss said...

the power of mraz compels you. do it alan!

Mugambismonkey said...

@Grumpy: Yes, of course, can't wait to meet y'all! And then I can still buy this beauty at the UWC, saving on shipping & tax! Hmm, but I also want a Concert Flea...and... argh there are just too many ukes in this world!

Anonymous said...

How do I enter that raffle?!?!

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