Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How pathetic is it that I'm checking my Youtube page every dang minute to see if I get 1 more subscriber? Especially when it's not that deserved. Ken Middleton got to 1,000 long ago. BaronK69 got there earlier this year. But they're talented and stuff.

I'm only on the cusp of 1000 because one of my stupider videos was featured once. Man, if I had known, I would have asked them to feature some other video. Now, because that one was featured, I'm known as the "clean-cut" uker. The one that doesn't swear. "Oh, here comes Alan. Put away that spleef."

Videos with swearing in them will have notes in the description box that say,"* there's a swear word in this. Sorry, Alan."

Bah. FEA

Subscriptions on Youtube don't really mean anything. It's certainly not an accurate measure of one's talent. The UCBes deserve tons more subs on their individual YT channels than they current have. Adelle could have more, if only she'd wear big-ass glasses, go blond and show more cleavage. Not that I'm suggesting that.

Well. Until that happens, back to the sub watch. Feh.


Grumpy Coyote said...

I look at sub counts in a couple of ways:

1) Sure - you can overvalue them. I think Youtube is a bit like a big open mic event. Subs are a way to see how many asses are in the seats.

2) Judge all you want... I am proud of the number though - and I'm not appologetic for that pride. You should be proud too. It's NOT a measure of talent or value, but it IS a tangible representation of your ability to fill those virtual seats. That's something my ego likes to know.

RussBuss said...

this reminds me, it's time to unsub boozelele.

Mugambismonkey said...

Sorry Adelle, but for a moment I imagined you with big-ass glasses, blond hair and more cleavage... And: I think I'd love to see this happen!!
* * *
Dammit, I've been on YT for a year now and I've hardly made it to a 100 subscribers (spasmodic sobbing)! I think I'll drink myself into oblivion tonight...

UkeNinja said...

Anyone involved in Youtube actively and NOT checking their subs is like all those surprised people who only knew about rep points when it became a big thread and being modest would look cool.Stroking your ego is the best thing you can do in public and still look decent from the outside. Go UKI!

Verification word: esses. What's This For??? UCB goes Latino?

Adelle the Great said...

::grumbling:: Don't make me rant about my musical integrity!

Why is it that when you get within about 10 subs of a big turnover number, the subs stop? They trickle in & it takes weeks & weeks... like youtube water torture. Then after you hit the number, you get a bunch of subs immediately afterwards.

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