Saturday, October 24, 2009

We all know what UAS is, but...

I realize that self diagnosis' aren't always correct... but I believe I am this time. I know we all joke around about having UAS & that's all well & good... but guys... I just discovered... I have something reffered to as 'UKS'.

I'm sure you're wondering what that is, how I came to realize I'm a likely sufferer, what it means for my future. I'm wondering that one myself. The only thing I'm entirely certain of is that you guys will support me & help me work through it- and that means an awful lot to me.

Okay fish hook! Fish hook! Pull it out yo mouth! UKS- Ukulele Keeping Syndrome. I cannot- CANNOT- imagine parting with a single one of my ukes under any circumstances. Is that wrong? Am I greedy?

I collect a loooot of things. Since it's not empty toothpaste tubes or toe nail clippings, or cats- I don't consider myself weird or a "hoarder". But oh, I do love my things. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna give em up. I can't even give away paperback books I read.... a uke? Pffft. Sorry. I'd have to be reeeallly high & you'd have to be reeaeallly convincing.

At the UWC there was this little boy who wanted a uke & he was Deached one by Deach after Boozelle got all fucking soft watching the kid strum one. That's probably the only moment in time when I would have outright given my own uke away without hesitation or morning regret. But, it passed. The kid got a uke & I didn't have to give mine up & the universe continues in harmony. Booze is still going to hell, but he at least now has one line on the "good" side of the chalkboard of his soul.

If I was broke, selling a uke wouldn't even cross my mind. I would live on the streets with them.

*Giving someone a uke is different. Buying one to give them- I would totally do that. I think too that if one was passed on to me from someone else, and it was done with that wording "I'm passing this on to you", I would be able to pass that one on again. But as for the ones I've picked out & bought, & especially the ones that were given to me by Deach... I could never part with those.

I'm having a contest- the video announcing it will be posted Sunday night sometime. Guess what you win? Not a fucking ukulele! This is how I realized I have UKS. I have a concert Lanikai that I haven't touched in... well... since I got the Adelle fluke. The thought of giving it away made my heart break. It was the first uke I bought, my sole instrument for a long time on which many an original song was written. The fact that I haven't played it in forever probably leads to the logical conclusion that it would be okay to give it away to someone who actually would play it. I'm sorry. Think whatever you will of me- I can't do it. Yes I would love to give the gift of music to someone.... but I can't part with my ukes. That's honestly the only one I don't play at least once a week, and I just can't do it. It sits proudly in it's stand in my living room. I don't have to play it... it knows I still love it. We had some really great times together- wrote a lot of songs. We played I Kissed a Girl together & unveiled Deachs face to the world- plus really got to know Russ, Booze & Alan in the process. We played I Don't Like Mondays for someone I vaguely called "Grumpy Coyote Man". We's tight.

So I'll save up to build an addition on the house. Maybe I'll get a big Scrooge McDuck room where I can roll around in my ukes. Maybe someday I'll have so many there will be one in both bathrooms- a uke hanger next to the TP holder. I love ya- I want you to be inspired- I want you to play... but ::hugging uke semi-defensivly::

Think what you will. Think I'm greedy, selfish, stingy. What-ev. You can't deny I love my ukes, though. And I can't deny I'm slightly crazy ;p


Boozelele said...

I could not agree with you more. I have the exact same syndrome. The only reason that little kid got deached that uke was because it was deached to me. And I gave it in the spirit that I got it. In fact Deach gave that kid the uke, I was just lucky enough to play it for while before hand.

I think of the nice Ukulele I could own if I sold several of mine to finance it...but I just can't bring myself to do it.


Lovely post, Adelle. I've almost sold my first uke - a Martin S-o (Mexican) - several times, but have always backed out. I'm too sentimental. Of the ukes I've given away, two were given to me by Deach and two were ones I bought. It feels good to give ukes away. Just be sure you have about 30 left for yourself.

Mugambismonkey said...

I'm quite determined to sell some of the ukes I only rarely play, but it's really hard because each one has a special story and each one sounds different, and... ! (I feel like a chain smoker right now who assures his friends that he can stop smoking any time he wants to...) Of course I could sell my ukes if I really had to!?? I guess that's what UKS is all about. Great post, Adelle!

UkeNinja said...

I don't know Adelle, the first thing hoarders say is that they are not hoarders.

A couple of ukes that you love now, OK, but please don't end up like one of those old widows with walls of garbage and a room full of moldy instruments, because your arthritis set in long ago - and besides, it's only a matter of pride to keep them -, which have no other function than to repel outsiders from entering your house to present you with a helping hand out of your misery...

Too bad about the contest though, I would love to win an (a?) ukulele. Are you substituting ocarinas by any chance? That would be mean to all OKS sufferers.

Adelle the Great said...

Ukeninja- I think we watched the same show on Discovery. I don't know if you were tryin to discourage me when you said it would repel outsiders from entering my house... but it sealed the deal for me. Protecting me from people? Oh man. Ukuleles, there's nothing you can't do!

Thanks for the compliments too, guys- glad you enjoyed my post :) Make me feel all special & junk.

deach said...

My first uke is now part of a cigar box uke.

My 2nd, I gave away in my first contest. DeGracia plays it still.

My 3rd, was the pineapple uke I gave to Boozelle who gave to the kid at the UWC.

I enjoy giving something away that I know will give others happiness and not just because it's something free.

The only uke I wouldn't give away is the one Paul Okami, from Koaloha, sent to me.

I have no problems giving my ukes away. I'd give my left nut away if anyone would want it. Boozelle want the matching set?

Adelle - didn't you use the Lani a few videos ago?

Adelle the Great said...

Ya mighta mistook the Kala for it... or the Lori uke. I've been using both of those more & more often.

You're a better person than me, Deach. I get too attatched to possesions. I commend your ability to let them go.

deach said...

Adelle the Great said...

"...You're a better person than me, Deach.

Not better, just different. You also have to remember, you ARE music. For me, it's just a fun hobby.


Y'all are so sweet. I jest wanna hug ya both!

Mugambismonkey said...

Love the "Ancient UCB Video Of The Week"! :-)

Boozelele said...

Ive started keeping my urine in mason jars. I'm up to 63 pints.

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