Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Apathy Can Kick Your Empathys Ass!

Sometimes it's just the abbreviated drunk yelling "This is MY SONG!!"

Other times they speak for so long my ears start to bleed. "OMG I looove this song! It's like they wrote it about my life! No, seriously- it's just like me & my friends & my life!! It's like they were with us when they wrote it."


If whatever band you are currently referencing ever hung out with you & your friends... the only thing they'd likely write would be a will, or a suicide letter. If they did write a song about you, it would be entitled something like 'This Dumbass Thinks He's Cool' or 'Captain Lame-O & His Gang of Rectal Engineers'.

I'm just sayin ::batting eye lashes innocently::

A well written song can be understood & related to by a diverse group of people. It's kept mostly vague enough that it can be interpreted into the listeners life. Bob Dylan was really good at that. Did you know that 90% of females feel that 'Just Like a Woman' is about them? He was great at longing songs & lost love songs too... but I won't ramble.

A good song makes you feel something. It's great that you empathize with this one. Tell me it reminds me of your life. Tell me you understand what they mean. But quit being so darn babbly & cutesy & literal about it. Don't gush on me.... it's icky. You really don't have to say anything except "I love this song" to make me realize you identify with it. And honestly, the less you say the more willing & interested I'd be to listen... cause when you really want someone to listen to a song that has deeply moved you, you shut the fuck up so they can listen to it. If you're still talking, you obviously are more interested in telling me about your life by ways of how this song to relates to it rather than bringing a piece of music to me. So shush. And I'm changing the CD.


Mugambismonkey said...

I tried to look up "Rectal Engineering" on Wikipedia. First search result in the list was "Thermometer". Sounds plausible to me.

* * *

I like it when people on YouTube tell a bit about themselves when recording a song. Or when they show some of their environment or kids in the video. I also don't mind a SHORT intro about the song they're going to cover. But mostly I like to listen to self-made songs that are sadly underrated most of the time. If I don't like an intro of a song, I just don't listen to it. Hasn't happened that often yet.

RussBuss said...

i know with 105% certainty that madonna's "la isla bonita" was written with me in mind. i was only 12 years old at the time, but we had this psychic connection, ya see.

i agree with you delly. FEA

Boozelele said...

You mean "Just Like A Woman" wasn't written about me?

Is this the same as the people who talk during movie that they have already seen (but you haven't)? "oh watch this part! this part is great! watch this, watch, watch, watch!" SHUT THE FUCK UP! I AM WATCHING!

oh sorry, got carried away there. Great post Adelle! But I still pretty sure your song "If" was written about me, or at least with me in mind.

deach said...

This thread really speaks to me, like it was written about my experiences and my life.

RussBuss said...

by the way, that photo is far out. reminds me of metroid.

Grumpy Coyote said...

'This Dumbass Thinks He's Cool' should be the name of my first album.


That's a great subject line for this post, Adelle. LOL

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